Recent ‘Apex Legends’ crashes issue identified as due to new Bangalore skin

Apex Legends' Bangalore

Apex Legends players are complaining of crashing issues with the game recently. Apparently, the issue boils down to the game’s recently-introduced Bangalore skin.

Respawn made playing Apex Legends more interesting when it added the Mil-Spec skin. Essentially, a fresh coat of paint that adds significant variety to the popular character, Bangalore. But while players expect to don the costume in all its glory, it does not seem to be a perfect fit. At least, not in the meantime as it causes the game to crash for some reason.


As posted on Reddit, u/ConnerTheCrusader demonstrated how the game pops up an error as soon as Bangalore is selected in the character screen, with the costume in tow. Specifically, coming up with this message:

“Error, there was a problem processing game logic. Please try again”. Followed by a cryptic string of alphanumeric characters and symbols, inferring that something “is not valid”.

The new Bangalore skin crashes your game from apexlegends

Catching the watchful eye of one of the developers, a response was posted stating, “PS. We are working on it”.

Meanwhile, Respawn also went to Twitter to officially address the issue to the public, claiming:

“We’ve discovered a bug with the new Mil-Spec skin that crashes the game at the character select screen if you have it equipped and select Bangalore. If you load back into the game, you’ll still connect and be able to play. We’re working to fix this as soon as we can!”

No serious repercussion

While the issue is frustrating, fortunately, that is only there is to it with the bug. In other cases, the game automatically just restarts following the error. Yet, anyone who did experience crashing their game by attempting the use the skin will still have their progress intact. It is just largely an annoyance, especially to those who main on Bangalore in Apex Legends.

Although the error does not help in actually pinpointing what is causing the crash, there appears to be a logical reason behind it. As it appears, the issue is likely rooted in how incompatible the Mil-Spec skin is relative to the animation of the character. Consequently, causing the unwitting player to be booted out as the game chooses to force close itself due to the bug. Or otherwise auto-restart itself, saving the player from the effort of manually restarting the game.

As Respawn is still working on a fix, it only stands to reason not to use the 1,800 Apex Coins skin, which is tantamount to $20 worth in real money.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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