Recent ‘Overwatch’ patch temporarily deactivated, devs ‘hit a little snag’

Recent 'Overwatch' patch temporarily deactivated, devs 'hit a little snag'

The scheduled update patch for Overwatch was deactivated moments after it went live due to some developer difficulty.

Those Genji nerfs will have to wait as Blizzard Entertainment looks into an issue in the recent Overwatch patch. Community Manager, Josh Nash, replied to one of the comments on the Blizzard forum, saying, “Hit a little snag after release! Team is taking a look now.”

Recent Overwatch patch pulled out

Dot Esports reports that the server patch went live around 1 p.m. CT on July 28. However, it was deactivated sometime around 2:20 p.m. CT.

Nash’s community update post reads:

“We have disabled today’s patch that introduced Genji balance adjustments (Shuriken nerfs) and a bug fix surrounding door animations on Route 66 and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. These changes are still intended to reach the Retail environment soon, but are no longer active at the current time.”

No concrete reason was given behind the pullout. Browsing through the forum, however, players are saying there wasn’t “enough uproar” on the recent patch. This may have allegedly brought the devs to rethink the content.

Although, per the gaming media outlet, the patch deactivation may have something to do with “new visual bug.” This has reportedly mainly affected Brigitte’s Repair Pack ability, citing streamer Fitzyhere’s experience with it.

As it turns out, there seems to have a some kind of visual break when players use the “hold mouse click” ability. The ability still works, but it does mess up the whole player experience due to the visual break bug.

What would have been the recent Overwatch patch reveal?

The Overwatch 7/28 patch should’ve been the devs’ redemption to the July 23 patch that garnered quite the backlash from its player base. Last week’s patch did quite the changes to Genji and Moira, among all others, for the Experimental mode.

Moira’s changes weren’t taken warmly, as Blizzard reportedly decided to scrap the rework entirely. Based on the dev’s July 27 forum post, Blizzard has decided to not “move forward with the Moira changes being tested within the Experimental mode,” for now at least.

They’ve listed a whole bunch of items that they wanted to change on the two Overwatch characters, and they aim to achieve those. The devs just need more time.

The 7/28 update should have brought in the Experimental changes that would’ve have nerfed Genji’s “overall Shuriken damage. Without this patch, players will get the previous version of Genji.

“With these changes, burst damage would be slightly less significant but Genji would still be a viable option at all ranks,” Dexerto further discussed.

No specifics were announced as to when Blizzard plans to re-introduce the said patch. For now, players are in for a waiting game, until the devs post a new Overwatch update.


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