Reckful’s girlfriend draws flak for crowdfunding funeral for deceased “rich” boyfriend

Reckful's Girlfriend, Jenna Angela

Just a few days ago, the internet was shocked to have learned of the passing of one of Twitch’s beloved personality, Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, due to suicide. But it is not just the deceased streamer who appears to be getting the attention. Reckful’s girlfriend, Jenna, too, is getting a fair share of her own—however, it is not the good kind.

The issue boiling down to what appears to be a crowdsourcing campaign that Jenna pulled to fund Reckful’s funeral.

Money Controversy

For a Twitch streamer who found success in a streaming career with at least 800k followers, many see Reckful as rich. Too wealthy, possibly, for anyone whom he left behind to require donations from others to cover the simple expense of his funeral.

The action, obviously, rubbed some people the wrong way, accusing the now alone girlfriend of defrauding people for money. Much that a simple internet search on the person in forums or Twitter could lead to toxic posts that berate her.

Seemingly a case of wanting to profit from someone else’s fame posthumously. But it seems that there is one side to the story that people aren’t seeing.

In her defense, Jenna explained to people what led to her action. Further, she also clarifies Reckful’s financial state, despite the achievement he may be relishing when still living.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

In one of her tweets, Reckful’s girlfriend claims that the pooled money will go directly to Byron’s parents. Both of which living off of savings since the father had stopped work after the suicide of Reckful’s sibling. She also disclosed that the said savings are “not that much.”

As for the Reckful’s riches, Jenna elucidates that the streamer is not at all that rich. Pointing to the fact that Byron’s income has been spent on a game he planned to develop, but only to not pan out eventually.

The game refers to Everland, an open-world social MMO title that integrates with Twitch. If panned out, the game would have provided a virtual environment where players can enjoy anything media-related, including Easter eggs from streamers.

In her continued revelation, she said that the game was solely funded out of Reckful’s pocket. Essentially claiming that “all” of Reckful’s money was spent towards the development of a game that did not see fruition.

Ultimately, Jenna cited that her “conscience is clear” and that her action is centered towards the family his dead boyfriend has left behind.

Image used courtesy of Reckful/YouTube Screenshot

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