Developers of banned the Taiwanese game ‘Detention’ to create a new title

Developer Red Candle Games, the mastermind behind Taiwanese Horror games such as Detention and Devotion, announces a new title.

The developers from Red Candle Games have announced that they are in talks with new titles, and will be released soon.

Despite the Taiwan-based developer’s setbacks, including pulling the plug of the well-received Steam game, Devotion, the game developers are in the works of making a new title.

A new project in talks

The Taiwan-based developer announced that the new horror games are currently at works. A new project has been shared on their official Twitter account following their premiere of the live-action TV adaptation of Detention.

While the details are not shared by the team yet, we can understand that the new game won’t disappoint and would be a thrilling experience for gamers such as the previous titles on Steam.

Red Candle Games got their success with the past two titles, namely Devotion and Detention. Needless to say, Red Candle will share the details soon, too, as what the Taiwanese game developers will offer soon.

The two old titles have been nominated to be a part of Harvard-Yenching Library.

The team has officially said that their inactivity has caused concerns for many fans for the past few years.

The team asks for support as they are in talks to make horror video games like the usual ones.

Both the games faced controversy and backlash

Both the games, Detention and Devotion, released in 2017 and 2019, respectively, faced a lot of backlash and critique banning the games.

Red Candle Games’ recent game, Devotion, was met with many negative remarks before Steam removed it from their service.

The Taiwanese game developer officially stated that the game suffered “technical issues,” but also cited an “Art Material Incident,” alluding to the outcry surrounding its supposed mocking of China’s President, Xi Jin Ping.

However, the horror game survived the backlash and had a physical release, but it is only available in Taiwan.

Since the game discussed issues happening with Taiwan’s modern history, these games were not a taste for all.

Developers have said that the Detention game is now on Google Play, and players can download and play anytime they want.

Regardless, both the games became a cult favorite among the gaming community. Despite being banned in China, both the games have garnered much attention from outside press and media.


Image courtesy of Red Candle Games/YouTube Screenshot

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