‘Red Dead Online’ version 1.21 update brings in quirky, unintentional bugs

Red Dead Online trailer snapshot

Red Dead Online did not see major additions since the end of last year. While the occasional patches for bugs and stability issues are welcomed and appreciated, they are not necessarily what the community truly wanted. The most recent update, version 1.21, is nothing major and, making matters worse, brought with it issues that’s enough to piss the player base even more.

Well, the game did get a major content at the tail-end of last month. That is, when the Naturalist specialist role was added into the game. But which did not necessarily appeal to everybody, despite having relative fanfare among the crowd.

A Buggy Mess

The version 1.21 update is different, however. In that, aside from the supposed “general stability and security fixes,” it brings in so much more. But not in the positive sense of the notion, to say the least.

Although the update may have done something right, based on its claims, it also broke many things in-game. Particularly, by invoking what appears to be the game’s most bizarre of bugs, like flying horses, raining crocs, and dancing carcasses.

If those were not weird enough, the issue seems to also pervade in different manners throughout the game. Take, for instance, a seemingly desolate Saint-Denis which has suddenly become devoid of life, as if absorbed into the Otherworld.

Even when “life” is present, at times, they are not as how they are supposed to be. Like, seeing an NPC in midget size or, in the case of a named NPC, missing a critical identifier, like hair. That is only covering appearances alone as the manner the way they depict themselves is another concern altogether—erratic being an understatement.

The issue is so prevalent; it ruffled the community as they witness the horror. In response, Rockstar has to set up a page dedicated solely to addressing a plethora of issues whose common theme is a glitch.

A Likely but Avoidable Phenomenon

To be fair, though, Rockstar’s portfolio is not necessarily always consistent with flawless products, if at all. Especially when considering a massive game such as Red Dead Online, which, is bound to have issues within.

Nevertheless, to have a myriad of issues as part of an update package, this is a notion that is typically unheard of nowadays. Which, if anything, is contrary to the ideals of what a patch is all about. It is meant to fix things and make stable, not go the complete opposite as introduce anomalies.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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