‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ re-release clothing items until April 13 only

The new Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update released a new update bringing back old clothing items but only for a limited time.

The new patch update has featured returning clothing items to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog. The following items are only up for grabs in the in-game store until April 13, 2020:

  • Gator Hat
  • Squat Stovepipe Top Hat
  • Winter Shotgun Coat
  • Benbow Jacket
  • Ortega Vest
  • Tied Pants
  • Strickland Boots
  • Calhoun Boots
  • Vaquero Baroque Spurs

The patch update was a light one but there are several other changes that are noteworthy.

Updated bonuses and rewards

On Rockstar Games blog,  they’ve announced updates on the bonus give outs and ranked-based rewards.

Vigilantes scouring the unfriendly terrain in search of undesirables will receive a 50% cash bonus on all Bounty payouts, including Legendary Bounties.

Meanwhile, Collectors will reap a 100% Bonus on Role XP for the Condor Egg and Salvage Collector Free Roam Events, and on sales of any complete Sets.

Players can continue earning special rank-based rewards, as Rockstar Games has extended the event until April 6, including:

    A Reward for a free Hunting Bow and an Offer for 50% off any Shotgun.
    A Reward for 5 Gold Bars off the price of the Bounty Hunter License and an Offer for 50% off any Revolver.
    A Reward for a free Machete & an Offer for 50% off any Repeater.
    An Offer for 40% off a Stable Stall and an Offer for 40% off any Horse at the Stables.
    A reward for one Free Character Appearance Change, an Offer for 50% Off Coats below Rank 15 and an offer for 40% off a Tent
    All players beyond Rank 60 will receive a reward for a free Navy Revolver, 40% off a Camp Dog of your choice, 50% off a Stable Stall, and 5 Free Moonshine Mash Refills

Aside from that, more points can now be gained through the update’s Showdown Series. Headout to Fort Mercer, Heartlands Oil Field, and Tall Trees to check out more weapon loadouts, explosions, and point values.

Weekly discount and PS plus rewards

Rockstar Games have advised players to take advantage of the discounts offered this week. There’s 80% off the Collector Maps and 70% off Criollo and Breton Horses.

In addition, there’s a 50% discount on all Collector and Bounty Hunter clothing, while there’s a 40% off the Bounty Wagon.

Also, the video game company is taking 5 Gold Bars off either the Collector’s Bag or the Bounty Hunter License, depending on the player’s choice.

Playstation Plus members will also receive Reward for 3 Free Ability Cards of their choice.

Image courtesy of Flickr/BagoGames and Flickr/Daniel Lee

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