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‘Red Planet Farming’ is a relaxing farming sim set in Mars


One of the more coy games that launched last week on Steam is Red Planet Farming. This farming sim sets gamers up in a farm in Mars.

Red Planet Farming is a nice, relaxing game for fans of farming sims like Stardew Valley. Gamers play as the Agricultural Director of Mars, and there are a ton of things they can do.

What makes the title more appealing is the game is free. The devs, who are graduates of the NYU Game Center, received a grant for the game.

Red Planet offers relaxing, fun farming challenges

Farming sims are among the most beloved and most revered genre of games around. Many games are not as flashy as many of their FPS counterparts. Even then, the level of tedium and complexity gives players something to look forward to.

The player also can relax while savoring the game’s content. In games where it’s crucial to be competitive, farming sims are there to let the player unwind. Games like Ooblets, Harvest Moon, and Farming Simulator are great ways to burn a few hours.

This relaxed gaming is what Red Planet is all about

Red Planet’s story is simple. Players need to start a colony with five settlers and grow enough food for the population. Beyond story-based goals, players can also plant what they want.

The game allows the player to plant different types of crops, from peppers to lettuce, and everything in between. For those who want to be funny, players can also plant potatoes a la Matt Damon.

Even with all the cute and nice feeling stuff that players can do, there are still some challenges that await them on Mars.

Mars will have hostile weather and colony problems

Red Planet Farming is unlike most farming sims out there. Mars is harsh and hardy against crops, so there are challenges that players need to conquer. Plants need consistent watering and protection from the lack of a martian atmosphere.

Players have to deal with radiation, severe cold snaps, and even dust storms. To protect the crops, players need to build greenhouses and dome protections. Even more successful harvests can offer their challenge.

More food grown means growth in the population. More colonists mean more mouths to feed and much more. A bigger population also means the need to expand the colony. Players would need more infrastructure too.

Red Planet Farming is available for free in Steam.

Images courtesy of Nina Demirjian/Youtube Screenshots

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