RedmiBook laptops launch in India teased forward of formal announcement

Before the official announcement, the RedmiBook laptops were launched in India. Xiaomi COO mocked the launch of the RedmiBook series in India during the Redmi Note 10T 5G launch.

Murali Krishnan B., Chief Operating Officer of Xiaomi India, teased forward the formal announcement. Sitting next to smartphones, power banks, audio devices, smart TVs, and Redmibraded fitness bracelets, Xiaomi confirmed this in the video transmission.

RedmiEbook India was announced on Tuesday, July 20th. As confirmed by Xiaomi through the video stream, the features of the RedmiEbook notebook computer will be adjacent to the Redmi brand’s smartphones, mobile power banks, audio equipment, high-quality TVs, and health bracelets. The Chinese company entered the Indian PC market with its Mi laptop model last year.

Their Xiaomi notebook model. He has not yet brought his RedmiBook series into the country. However, Xiaomi has launched various RedmiBook, RedmiBook Air, and RedmiBook Pro models in China. The exact product details are not yet known. Redmi Note 10T 5G at the domestic RedmiBook series conference.

Murali Krishnan stated that last year, Redmi was more than just a smartphone brand with a Phoneplus strategy. We have launched products that are a complement to your mobile phone and lifestyle, such as power banks, earphones, and smart wristbands.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, working from home and distance learning culture continue to grow, leading to a lag in the production of notebook computers. Xiaomi is expected to increase its share of the Indian PC market by releasing affordable RedmiBook models.

This year we have gone further and even chose the field of smart TV. Now we have some very interesting things for us In front of you. Xiaomi showed off its RedmiBook series in China in May 2019.

Laptop features

Recently, RedmiBook Pro 14 and RedmiBook Pro 15 laptops equipped with AMD Ryzen and Intel Core 11th-generation processors have also been launched. However, the company has not yet released Its RedmiBook model.

A report earlier this month stated that Xiaomi plans to launch its new Redmi-branded laptop in India.

The notebook product portfolio and released Mi Notebook Pro 14 and Mi Notebook Ultra 15.6 in India at the end of this month. However, the company has not announced which models it will launch. It hopes to expand its existing Xiaomi in the country.

Xiaomi is expected to increase its share of the Indian PC market by launching affordable RedmiBook models. The culture of working from home and distance learning continues to grow due to the COVID19 pandemic, leading to a backlog of laptops.


Image courtesy of TechTablets/YouTube

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