Reese Witherspoon dragged in her parents’ bizarre divorce drama: Rumor

Reese Witherspoon is, allegedly, caught in between her parents’ bizarre divorce drama.

According to National Enquirer, Reese Witherspoon loves both of her parents equally. But it seems that Dr. John Witherspoon and Betty Reese couldn’t agree.

Reese Witherspoon hiring a lawyer to help in her parents’ case

As such, a source claimed that Witherspoon might be forced to step in. And since she has connections, she could, allegedly, hire her lawyer to help out.

“This is one big mess. Reese loves both her parents dearly, but if this drags on, she may have to get her own lawyer involved,” the source said.

John Witherspoon, Betty Witherspoon lawsuit

According to the insider, the Big Little Lies star and her mom are trying to freeze out John’s ex. In 2018, John’s ex, Patricia Anne Taylor, accused the former doctor of deserting her and running back to the actress’s mom.

In 1996, Betty and John separated, but they never filed for a divorce. Betty also accused her husband of bigamy. However, the lawsuit was dismissed later on.

Court documents also revealed that Betty accused John of not even knowing his new wife. She also said that she and her husband decided to live apart because of the latter’s alcoholism, infidelity, hoarding, and overspending habits.

Betty also reportedly feared that John could be suffering from the early onset of dementia. She also accused Taylor of posing as John’s legal wife and taking out loans on his behalf. Taylor even, allegedly, altered John’s will.

Reese Witherspoon's dad suffering from early-onset dementia

Reese Witherspoon’s dad suffering from early-onset dementia

Last year, Witherspoon’s mom filed papers to intervene in John’s divorce case. Betty said that John isn’t mentally equipped to protect his interests. In the same year, John said that he never divorced Betty and said that they are still living together in their Nashville home.

Taylor argued in court by showing the judge their marriage certificate. She also asked the court for a division of their assets, as well as spousal support. A hearing will, reportedly, be held this month.

Reese Witherspoon rumors debunked

While it is true that Witherspoon’s parents are embroiled in a legal battle, the actress has not said anything about this publicly. It is unclear if she has plans to intervene in her parents’ case and if she has plans to hire a lawyer.

The Little Fires Everywhere actress is busy with her upcoming projects. Reese Witherspoon is, reportedly, gearing up for the return of The Morning Show Season 2 in November.

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