Reese Witherspoon seething after Jennifer Aniston earned Emmy nomination, she didn’t: Rumor

Reese Witherspoon is, allegedly, faking her excitement for Jennifer Aniston and the latter’s recent Emmy nomination.

According to Life & Style, Reese Witherspoon woke up feeling confident on the day that the Emmy nominations were released. After all, she thought that her performance in The Morning Show earned her a prestigious nomination.

However, Witherspoon was, allegedly, shocked when she found out that it was Aniston that scored a nomination.

Reese Witherspoon furious at Jennifer Aniston

The Big Little Lies star is, allegedly, seething at Aniston. But she’s forced to show the world that she’s happy for her co-star so that she won’t get criticized.

According to the tabloid, Witherspoon and Aniston’s onscreen feud might spill over into real life.

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston fought over Brad Pitt?

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston fought over Brad Pitt?

This isn’t the first time that Witherspoon and Aniston were rumored to be fighting. Last month, Globe claimed that the A-listers fought over Brad Pitt.

Aniston was, allegedly, furious at Witherspoon for declaring that she has a crush on Pitt because she liked the actor’s GQ photo on Instagram.

“It took around 20 seconds to get back to Jen, who was insulted. Sure, it might look like harmless fun, but Jen felt it was very disrespectful. Jen is annoyed and now suspects her friend has been lusting after Brad all along,” the source said.

‘Big Little Lies’ co-stars feuding

Other than Aniston, there have also been claims that Reese Witherspoon is fighting with her other co-star, Nicole Kidman.

According to Woman’s Day Australia, that co-stars’ friendship is over. The tabloid said that Witherspoon is not happy to know that Kidman will be teaming up with Liane Moriarty when she’s the one that introduced them to each other.

“Reese was the one who cultivated a relationship with Liane initially. It was something she was very proud of and she had huge success with their first partnership – which was of course Big Little Lies, which Reese was the first to option and invited Nicole to star in and co-produce,” the source said.

Witherspoon is also, allegedly, hurt over the fact that Kidman didn’t ask her to join in her upcoming project with Moriarty.

However, one should take these claims with a grain of salt. Witherspoon isn’t feuding with Aniston and Kidman.

The Little Fires Everywhere star is not jealous of Aniston’s Emmy nomination. She doesn’t feel hurt due to Kidman’s decision to team up with Moriarty.

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