Refund Sisters: Lee Hyori bids farewell to fans

Lee Hyori leaves a promising speech as she will be departing from Refund Sisters.

The girl group Refund Sisters is formed on How Do You Play? of MBC after Lee Hyori expressed her ideal girl group on the show.

For the past months, Lee Hyori is active as Linda G in their 90’s themed co-ed group SSAK3 together with Rain and Yoo Jae Suk.

She played as Chun Ok in Refund Sisters with Jessi, Uhm Jung Hwa, and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

Refund Sisters wrapping up

In the preview of the upcoming episode of How Do You Play? next week, they revealed that the show Refund Sisters would be wrapping up their promotional activities in the episode.

In recent times, Lee Hyori also shared a video in an online community in Fin.K.L. In the video, she shared that as FIN.K.L’s leader, she is currently working hard as Chun Ok.

Today is their last day of filming, and she will be greeting all of them again five years from now. She hopes that people would not forget about her.

Hyori also expressed her gratitude to those who cheered and supported her during her promotion as Linda and Chun Ok.

The fans and media’s curiosity rose and sparked speculations after the statement that she will be returning in five years.

After her successful career as a member of FIN.K.L, Hyori went on hiatus for a few years around her marriage.

Lee Hyori was only joking

Moreover, the agency cleared up the confusion on Lee Hyori’s message to fans. It was a video that she sent to her fans thanking them for supporting her as she promotes with Refund Sisters. Lee Hyori was only joking as she stated that she would be seeing them after five years.

It was part of the promotion, and there is no significant meaning behind her statement.

Image courtesy of 1theK/YouTube Screenshot

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