Refund Sisters turned emotional in final appearance in ‘How Do You Play?’

After exhibiting contagious laughter and tears, admirable sisterhood, and out of the world talents, the Refund Sisters has finally bid farewell in MBC’s How Do You Play?

In the last appearance of Refund Sisters as a group in How Do You Play?‘s November 14 episode, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, Jessi, Hwasa attended their final official event, a baseball game.

Although the stadium was not full due to social distancing guidelines, fans let out a rousing cheer for the quartet.

Thanks to Refund Sisters: Members

The Refund Sisters gave their best shot in Don’t Touch Me’s performance in the baseball arena. After the performance, Lee Hyori and Jessi kicked off the game as the starting batter and pitcher.

On the girls’ way to the Olympic Gymnastics Arena (KSPO Dome) for their final performance as Refund Sisters, Lee Hyori asked if Jimmy Yoo will be reverting to Yoo Jae Suk.

Jessi then said that she like Jimmy Yoo better. Uhm Jung Hwa also expressed that she is very much thankful to Refund Sisters.

She continues that she could have a happy and fun summer and autumn because of their activities.

The girls holding back their tears in a performance

In the arena, since only the group’s members can enter, Yoo Jae Suk said their standing is where the managers will say goodbye.

Lee Hyori then expressed, “If we come together again, you’ll be with us again, right?” Kim Jong Min replied, “I enjoyed being your manager.”

During the promotions, Hwasa is always calm. Suddenly, she said, “I hate this sort of thing,” and she is visibly holding back tears. The members exchange some more hugs and tears, and after Lee Hyori got things moving again.

The dream concert of the divas

The quartet was at the KSPO Dome since it had been the group’s dream to put on a concert together. The four members were the only ones in the arena due to social distancing guidelines.

Lee Hyori said that they would pretend that the place is full of audience members. The members were shocked to hear the sound of cheering and fans singing along played over the speakers in the middle of the song. Uhm Jung Hwa and Jessi were in tears once again while Lee Hyori and Hwasa smiled in joy.

After concluding the group’s performance, Lee Hyori comforted the members and said, “We wanted to perform. We missed this sound, right?”

Finally, with Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Ending Credit,” the members bid a farewell to their audience.


Image courtesy of SUPER SOUND Bugs!/YouTube Screenshot

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