Refurbished iPhone XRs for sale with AU$150 discount in Apple website

Refurbished iPhone XRs for sale with AU$150 discount in Apple website

Refurbished iPhone XRs have just been put on sale on Apple’s website. The refurbished phones come at a $150 discount compared to their original selling price.

Buying a second-hand device is always a scary thought, especially when there is no middle entity that can guarantee whether the phone is working properly or not. The used phone market is a gold mine waiting to be exploited by entrepreneurial minds, and Apple is yet again beating everyone to the punch.

Refurbished iPhone XR for sale

Apple has just made some iPhone XR available for sale on their official website. The iPhone XR was released alongside the iPhone XS as the alternative cheaper option. It didn’t feature the premium model’s dual-camera system, but it still did provide Apple’s signature powerful AI camera system.

Unlike the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR only had an LCD screen. Nevertheless, the visuals on the phone remain as stunning for the regular user. The iPhone XR still runs Apple’s dated A12 Bionic chip, which is just a model older than the current A13 Bionic chip.

Apple has been reputable in its refurbished marketplace, so users do not have to worry about the devices conking out as soon as their purchase. The refurbished devices that come from Apple seem like brand new. The devices from the official store ship with brand new packaging and all come with a one year warranty.

iPhone XR or iPhone SE?

This year, Apple launched its mid-tier phone in the iPhone SE. It ships starting at a $749 price point and features Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip. The build of the phone will feel dated because it borrows the screen size and design of the iPhone 8. It still has a huge forehead and chin that houses the Touch ID sensor.

Nevertheless, Apple positions the iPhone SE as the ultimate phone for performance in its class. Several tests conducted on the phone show that the iPhone SE works just as fast iPhone 11 because of the shared A13 Bionic chip. The iPhone SE is positioned as a phone that is faster than the fastest Android phone.

The refurbished iPhone XR ship at almost the same price as a brand new iPhone SE. The decision will ultimately boil down to the preference of the phones’ looks. If the user wants a more modern full-screen display, the iPhone XR is the better device. If the user wants power in a familiar form factor, then the iPhone SE is the better choice.

Image courtesy of Apple/ Youtube

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