‘Reggie Fils-Aime’ launches a podcast for charity

Side view snapshop of 'Reggie Fils-Aime'

Former Nintendo of America president and now a board member of GameStop is launching a podcast for the purpose of bringing teaching and tech to the marginalized youth of New York City.

Alongside Reggie is a journalist Harold Goldberg, founder of the New York Videogame Critics Circle (NYVGCC). Goldberg’s established non-profit organization gives the poor young people education in both game development and journalism.

Featuring Notable People in the Gaming Industry

Dubbed ‘Talking Games,’ the seven-episode podcast program features hosts, Reggie and Harold, which aims to provide amusement and information to audiences.

Part also of the goal of the show is to benefit the non-profit organization that Goldberg had established. In turn, helping the disadvantaged find their footing not just in the industry, but also in the real world.

As reported in The Washington Post, the first guest of the program would be Geoff Keighley. Audiences in the gaming industry would be familiar to Keighley as being the manager and host to The Game Awards.

A New Yorker Helping Fellow New Yorker

Reggie’s philanthropy appears to have its root in himself being a native New Yorker. Specifically, as a resident of The Bronx. A place he had returned to soon after retiring from being a mentor of local students.

To coincide with the entertainment program, Reggie and Harold are also kickstarting a funding campaign aimed at raising $15,000. Willing donors may be able to send some cash for the campaign via GoFundMe. The funds that will be raised in the for-charity movement are going to fund NYVGCC’s continued plight to help the poor children of New York.

Meanwhile, making NYVGCC’s reach more accessible to more people, the non-profit organization is launching its journalism program for free online. This means that both prospective scholars and teachers will gain access to the curriculum at the comforts of their homes with internet access.

Donor Perks

Making the idea of giving donations a gratifying experience to generous donors, Fils-Aime promised to give such individuals an “extra content” in the podcast. Future guests to the program were also promised to do the same.

As is commonly practiced, that could be in the form of a special mention that gives benevolent spirits recognition in the platform.

Another noteworthy part of the added content is a giveaway of special gaming memorabilia coming from NYVGCC. Possibly, items made exclusively for donors of the duo’s podcast.

From being a top brass in Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime recently becomes a member of the board at GameStop. Reggie’s entry into the company was reportedly due to his willingness to save the struggling company from within.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Reggie

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