Will ‘reluctant’ Prince Philip celebrate his 100th birthday?

Will 'reluctant' Prince Philip celebrate his 100th birthday?

Prince Philip is turning 100 years old this June.

Prince Philip is the oldest-living Prince Consort in the history of the British Royal Family. He is currently in his 99th year, who just retired from his royal post nearly four years ago.

As his birthday fastly approaches, many royal fans and supporters wonder what the royals will do to mark the special milestone. But, as the weeks continue to pass by, sources said that the Duke of Edinburgh wants “nothing to do” with his upcoming birthday, according to the Daily Express.

Prince Philip is “reluctant” to celebrate

The talks of Prince Philip being “reluctant” emerged earlier in December. Palace insiders told The Telegraph that the Duke does not want to celebrate his 100th birthday.

These claims came after many individuals started to discuss what the celebration would look like. The source stated that they cannot do something “if someone does not want something doing” about it.

The same insiders continued that they intend on raising suggestions and plans come the new year. However, they guaranteed that the Duke of Edinburgh “will want nothing to do with it.”

Reports, later on, recalled that the royal’s lack of interest is not entirely surprising. As noted, he has been like this even in the past when talking about parties and celebrations for birthdays.


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The Duke’s birthday

Prince Philip will turn 100 years old on June 10, 2021. A separate report from the Daily Express recalled that Princess Alice of Battenberg and Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark welcomed him in Corfu, Greece, in 1921.

During his 99th birthday last year, sources asserted that he and Queen Elizabeth marked the day in the most casual way. Apart from not wanting to have big parties and celebrations, they had to follow the strict protocols of the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

While in quarantine inside Windsor Castle, the royal couple celebrated the senior royal’s day with a simple lunch. They also received phone calls from the rest of the British Royal Family, according to the Daily Mail.

Hospitalization ahead of birthday

As the discussions about his 100th birthday remain apparent, CNN reported that London’s King Edward VII Hospital admitted the Prince Consort on Tuesday. Palace sources stated that he had been feeling unwell before going to the hospital.

The insiders noted, however, that the reason for his hospitalization does not have links with COVID-19. Prince Philip will reportedly stay in the hospital for days to recover and rest.


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