Remastered versions of BloodRayne 1, 2 coming to consoles this year


BloodRayne 1 & 2 are making a step up this year as their remastered versions see release on console.

Late last year (November 2020) saw the return of a classic vampire franchise that has been dormant for years. Coming in the form of BloodRayne: Terminal Cuts, it’s a remaster of the two original titles on PC. Existing owners of BloodRayne 1 & 2 also get to claim the updated version for free via Steam or GOG.

The vampire-oriented hack-and-slash franchise began making a name for itself back in 2002 on PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC. Via the original title, players get to play as the half-vampire Rayne, tasked at safeguarding humanity from supernatural evil forces. Following positive reception, a direct sequel was released a year later in 2003. Only for the series to seemingly stop producing new entry, until 2011 with BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites. As for the 2011 title itself, it, too, saw a remaster and was released on next-gen platforms on Sept. 9, 2021.

The release of Terminal Cut already may signal Ziggurat Interactive’s plan to revive the franchise. But with remasters making their way to modern platforms, it seems that the company is taking things a step further.

Official Statement

Bringing the word to Twitter, Ziggurat Interactive announced BloodRayne 1 & 2’s upcoming release to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Particularly, on Fall this year. Unlike the PC remaster, the console-specific remasters will be rebranded as BloodRayne ReVamped. Enhancements include 4K display support, improved cutscene visuals, and localization options.

In line with the statement, the developer also spoke of a physical release for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version. Via the same printing company that brought physical release for Fresh Bites, Limited Run Games is also making the physical prints for PS4 and Switch. Truly good news for anyone who is into collecting tangible copies of games.

No Release Date, Yet

While the proclamations are enough to bring some hype to the fans, Ziggurat appears to reserve on the dates, however. As seen in the tweet, it is nowhere to be found a mention of release dates.

But what else is there for the franchise?

There is no telling at this point whether the BloodRayne developer has something more major than releasing remasters. Yet, while one can only hope, it comes with the notion of the developers bringing the franchise to the next level.

Image used courtesy of Ziggurat Interactive/YouTube Screenshot

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