Remedy’s new ‘CrossfireX’ shows off fresh bombastic trailer


Popular Korean FPS game Crossfire will get a Western remake named CrossfireX. The game will be under the guiding hands of Microsoft and Remedy.

CrossfireX will be a bit different than its Asian roots. While the original game was a hands-down Counter-Strike clone, the remake will be AAA. It will delve deeper not only into the story but establish the game’s surprisingly deep lore.

Remedy and Microsoft even showed off the latest trailer for the game’s single-player campaign. Basing off the footage, the entire thing is bombastic.

Crossfire features two paramilitary organizations

Crossfire is a Korean MMOFPS game with a lot of history on it. The game is an Asian Counter-Strike clone, with a ton of similarities in between. The title is superb, with a wide expanse of weapons, weapon skins, player skins, and loot crates.

The game itself is a robust, free-to-play title that makes its money from loot boxes. In its history across Asia, the game has as many as 1 billion players in its lifetime. This staying power is what Microsoft and Remedy are looking for in the game’s remake.

Remedy showed off X’s single-player in the recent Xbox Games Showcase. The trailer showed off the game’s world. It also displays the two paramilitary organizations running the title’s world.

Crossfire’s world runs through two corporations: Global Risk and Black List. Global Risk is the group of mercenaries working for nations as their black ops team. They act as the counter-terrorists or the “good guys” within the story.

Black List is the “terrorists” or “bad guys” of the game. They are an extra-military corporation doing the dirty work for a ton of other nations.

X shows lore-friendly set-piece footage

CrossfireX looks a lot of fun, basing on the trailer. It seems to have a little of everything, from Metal Gear Solid to Call of Duty. It also helps that the team behind it, Remedy, are the ones who made Control and Max Payne.


A ton of the big spectacle pieces showed off quite a lot of character development too. The main character seems to be the Black Raven skin from the game. It also shows off some lore armors like what seems to be the Ghost 2.0 armor.

The weapons look amazing and realistic too. What little they showed off looks robust, from the Anaconda revolver to the FN FAL. There are also gliding sequences that players can enjoy.

CrossfireX will come to the Xbox, but will also likely come to PC. Microsoft is pushing a non-exclusivity initiative, so this is a likely scenario.

Images courtesy of Remedy/Youtube Screenshot

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