Remember: Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S is just ‘Xbox’

The Xbox Logo

In a bit of a confusing marketing move that could leave generations of gamers some head-scratching, Microsoft can be recalled quoting from last year that Xbox Series X, and subsequently, Xbox Series S, is just “Xbox.”

Originally reported sometime in December last year following the console’s official reveal during The Games Awards night, Tech Insider’s Ben Gilbert explained why the new console has a more simplified name than it appears. Which, in a nutshell, is just “Xbox.”

The confusion comes from the unveiling’s presentation which literally sees the word “Xbox” followed by the words “Series X.” The Xbox Series S did not materialize until much later, recently. Although the demo itself did present the two words, which also differs in font sizing. Unfortunately, becoming a misconception that seems to persistently pervade the gaming community (even the media) due to proliferation and popularity.

It’s Just ‘Xbox’

But drawing from reports around the same timeline, commonality can be found which points to the same thing. That Microsoft’s next-generation console is simply just “Xbox,”  according to the company’s representative.

That is indeed a perplexing move that could see people mistaking one term to another despite the dissimilarity in concept. On the one hand, there is the original Xbox which is symbolic of Microsoft’s first entry in the gaming console business. Then, there is the whole ecosystem itself where stuff involving Xbox is going on. Now, adding to the disarray is the upcoming consoles that succeed in the Xbox One, also called Xbox.

Complex Marketing

It is understandable why Microsoft could not stick with a numbering system as part of the Xbox label. Which, as it seems, has something to do with its main competition and its generation-late foray in the business scheme. But to refer to a next-generation console with a term that already denotes double meaning is only making it harder for anyone to drop its “sub-label.” Like, it is far easier to differentiate a “360” and a “One” from the original just by any of these appendages alone.

Without a doubt, Microsoft is pushing a difficult proposition by officially choosing to call its next-gen console merely as “Xbox.” I guess the real ramification of this move will not come until the successor to its new console becomes available which, prospectively, will rival the PlayStation 6.

Until then, we would be hard-pressed to call the next-gen Microsoft consoles merely as Xbox. And without the need to entertain any other idea, unless otherwise meant.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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