RemiBit: A detailed guide to one of the fastest growing crypto payment solutions


Are you an online business that is serious about accepting crypto as a means of payment? RemiBit is the perfect solution for your crypto payment needs due to the tailor-made options it provides for merchants and businesses.

RemiBit is a non-custodial blockchain payment gateway that allows anyone to accept crypto payments on their business platforms. It provides individuals, small businesses, and enterprises a payment solution to accept popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

RemiBit has a global presence and is not limited to a single region. We will take a look at the features and options that make RemiBit the ideal crypto payment gateway. But first, as a merchant or professional, you might be wondering why you should be accepting crypto payments at all.

Why accept crypto?

There are plenty of good reasons to accept crypto in your business. As a crypto-friendly business, you will be able to place yourself on the cutting edge of technology, making your business stand out from the competition.

If you enable RemiBit crypto payments, your business will attract new customers, often with a high purchasing power, who appreciate businesses that share their technology alignment.

It’s a service for your clients. When you think about customer loyalty, tons of services you could offer come to your mind because, in the end, customer satisfaction is what makes your business work. Crypto payments with RemiBit is one of the services that many clients will be really happy with.

You can consider it as an easy way of investing. You’ve heard about crypto, thought to jump in but didn’t figure out how, found it too difficult or too expensive. Accepting crypto payments with RemiBit will allow you to dedicate a part of your earnings to this kind of investment, simply by getting the income in crypto instead of cash and keeping it. And you might be very glad you did it in the future!

RemiBit Features

RemiBit is loaded with features to make managing crypto payments easy for merchants and professionals, and below are some of them.

E-commerce plugins: RemiBit is integrated with many e-commerce plugins and offers a one-stop solution for users to add crypto payments on supported platforms. Currently, there are plugins and extensions available for popular e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Drupal Commerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and more.

Crypto Payment API: RemiBit has a REST API that allows merchants with custom store software to integrate crypto payments with up to eight cryptocurrencies.

Point of Sale: This feature allows physical businesses to accept crypto payments on any connected device. The POS app is easy to use, and physical stores can use the options provided to easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

Multiple currencies: RemiBit currently supports eight cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether USD (ERC20), Dogecoin, and Commercium. The payment gateway has revealed that it is considering adding more coins in the future.

Invoice Generator: RemiBit includes an invoice generator that freelancers and professionals can use to perform multiple actions. The Invoice Generator dashboard allows to create, send and track invoice payments. A notification is sent when an invoice is successfully paid. Invoice history can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format and analyzed on spreadsheet software.

Kraken Integration: RemiBit is integrated with the leading crypto exchange Kraken. Merchants on RemiBit can interact with their Kraken accounts and deposit or exchange crypto for fiat. You can set automated deposit and exchange rules based on your balance or time settings. There is also an innovative InstaSell™ option for quick, one-click deposits and the sale of crypto.

RemiBit Direct: RemiBit Direct is the B2B tool that allows businesses to transact with each other within the payment gateway ecosystem. Merchants can add each other to their address book using their RemiBit ID and make transactions directly. This is an excellent feature and business transactions are fast and convenient using RemiBit Direct.

RemiBit Wallet: This is a non-custodial wallet for RemiBit users to store their cryptocurrencies. The wallet engine runs on the merchant’s device, and the merchant is the only one who holds the wallet’s private keys. The wallet is one of the major features of RemiBit and follows the company’s motto, ‘’Your keys, your crypto’’.

RemiBit Fee Structure

RemiBit offers a three-tier fee structure for its payment gateway solution.

Starter Tier: RemiBit’s Starter tier is free to use and comes with a €500 monthly sales allowance. Once the monthly allowance is exhausted, RemiBit charges a 1% fee for transactions, and the service includes basic functions like Point of Sale (POS) and Invoice Generator.

Advanced Tier: The Advanced tier is subscription-based, and RemiBit charges €19 monthly for this service. The plan comes with a monthly sales allowance of €3,000 and 0.75% fee for subsequent transactions. Merchants get all the features from the Starter tier, plus the manual exchange integration.

Pro Tier: The Pro tier is a premium service for large merchants and costs €39 monthly. Subscribers are allocated a €10,000 sales allowance monthly and 0.5% fee for subsequent sales. The Pro plan gives access to all the features in the Advanced tier plus auto exchange integration and RemiBit Direct.

Benefits of RemiBit

Apart from the extensive features that RemiBit provides, the payment gateway has a few other benefits for users.

Secure and fast payments: Merchants are always attracted to payment platforms that offer security and fast transaction speeds. Being a non-custodial crypto payments solution, one of the major advantages of RemiBit is that transactions go directly from the shopper’s wallet to the merchant’s wallet. It means that if there is a security breach, merchant funds are never affected.

Intuitive user interface: RemiBit uses an intuitive interface that is beginner-friendly and easy to use. The process from registration to the creation of Remibit Wallet and the Kraken exchange integration is well defined and easy for beginners. Merchants can easily create accounts and start accepting crypto payments in minutes.

Optimized mobile apps: RemiBit offers a web app that can work on any mobile device using modern web browsers. It also has specialized mobile apps that can be installed on the popular Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The apps are well optimized and allow merchants to monitor and control their accounts on the go.

Concluding thoughts on RemiBit

RemiBit has arrived at the right time when many small and large merchants are accepting bitcoin and crypto payments. RemiBit is the ideal solution for merchants to do so, and this is evident with its acceptance among small businesses globally. The platform provides not only extensive features but also an exchange integration that merchants will find handy. In all, RemiBit is an excellent platform with the potential to become the leading industry player in the crypto payment sector.

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