Renewal of Netflix’s ‘The Half of It’ demanded by viewers

Netflix has recently dropped its new high school romantic comedy The Half of It. Fans loved it so much that they are already looking forward to another installment.

The Half of It movie just premiered on Netflix. However, it has already gained a huge fandom and has raked a lot of viewers. On top of that, the film has bagged the Founders Award for Best U.S. Narrative Feature in the Tribeca Film Festival despite being a fresh release.

The movie hews slightly to a handful of teen movie genres because it features a myriad of literary and cinematic features. Nevertheless, critics and fans alike would be able to agree that it was worth watching after all.

All about the movie

The Half of It was directed by Alice Wu and was reportedly inspired by some events of her life. In particular, her journey through college, and the loss of a friendship, were what helped push things along.

She explained,

“My best friend in college was a straight white guy. He helped me accept myself as gay more than anyone. But the delicate calculus of our connection eroded.”

Similarly, The Half of It plot follows a queer Chinese American protagonist, Ellie Chu, who lives in the fictional town of Squahamish with her immigrant father. She’s in love with a girl named Aster Flores.

Instead of pursuing her feelings, she opted to help a boy named Paul woo Aster via love letters and text messages. Throughout the movie, Ellie and Paul became close friends, but in the end, both of the teens’ hearts got broken.

Fans beg for a sequel

Shortly after the premiere of The Half of It, a social media campaign for a sequel grew in popularity. As the viewer’s reaction on Twitter demonstrates, there is an audience hungry for this kind of content.

One viewer who got up before dawn to check out the teen flick tweeted,


Is there a possibility of a sequel

Additionally, one fan suggested that the movie’s title was lowkey dropping signs that the sequel is already a done deal. The netizen mentioned,

“Don’t you think Alice Wu is hinting a sequel for The Half of It? I mean, it’s in the title.”

Without spoiling too much, the end of the movie does seem to tease a probable new storyline that would take place. In the finale, one character said,

“In a couple of years.”

In all of Alice Wu’s interview, she was silent about the possibility of a sequel. Likewise, Netflix has not made an official announcement regarding this matter. Hence, fans could expect that if ever there is a sequel, it will most likely come out after a few years.

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