Reports suggest cellphone data points to possible Wuhan lab leak

After analysis of cellphone data, intelligence sources are now suggesting about the possibility of a Wuhan lab leak in October.

Intelligence personnel are now investigating a possible link between the spread of COVID-19 to a lab in Wuhan, China. Furthermore, the most recent evidence is an analysis of cellphone data from the area. Data analysis reveals that the Wuhan lab studying coronaviruses shut down in October 2019.

The NBC News Verification Unit in London receive a report of cellphone activity in the Wuhan lab. According to the report, there is no cellphone activity in the high-security area of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This leads many experts to suggest that a “hazardous event” took place sometime between Oct. 6 and Oct. 11.

No confirmation yet

First of all, experts and investigators claim that the data does suggest of a possible shut down. However, they add that this does not necessarily mean a coronavirus leak occurred at the same time.

The Trump administration has peddled for the sometime the possibility that the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan. While there are nuggets of evidence to support this, experts cannot prove it.

For a long time, scientists argue that the ground zero of the coronavirus pandemic is the wet market in Wuhan. The idea that the virus leaked from a nearby Wuhan lab is a product of fringe conspiracy theories.

Intelligence and medical experts are still arguing about the merits of the recent cellphone data analysis. Some agree that it does look suspicious that the lab closed its doors about the same time as the spread of the virus. However, this will remain just as a suspicion unless proven by facts and evidence.

Conspiracy and propaganda

The suggestion that the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan lab has been the favorite scapegoat of some politicians. While some intelligence officials claim it is suspicious, there is no evidence to pin it on the lab.

On the other hand, medical experts firmly believe otherwise. That the virus leaking from a lab is highly unlikely to be the cause the pandemic. However, scientists have performed tests and simulations that prove the virus originated from the Wuhan wet market.

On the political aspect, it is easier and more politically engaging to pin the pandemic into the Wuhan lab. Some politicians even package the pandemic as a form of biological warfare. Nevertheless, there are always the medical experts who are always ready to curb such misinformation.

Image courtesy of KOBU Agency/Unsplash

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