‘Resident Evil 4’ fan mod adds three complete chapters to the game

Resident Evil 4 fans have found out the moderation of the game, which adds three new chapters.

A Resident Evil 4 fan has made moderation to the game and has named it Separate Ways. When it comes to mod, Resident Evil is not the first game to see all the changes.

The mod works to change some aspects of the game and add new characters or change the original design. Sometimes, some mods can be really enticing, and other times, they are plain boring. The Resident Evil Village mod, which focused on the field of view, was a great relief to all the players facing issues with the depth of the gameplay.

How is the new project going to look like?

The whole modding project is an instant upgrade to Resident Evil 4 because it comes in HD and has made an impressive progress list since its launch.

The mod was first released on YouTube with the help of a two-hour-long video showing off the first three chapters of the game. So if players want to play this mod, they can take a look at the gameplay first and then understand how the play-through works.

One of the main things the mod has worked on is putting some stylish clothes on Ada Wong. She is the female protagonist of Resident Evil 4 and shows that with the added style she has, the mod will be bonkers for all the players.

The mod will be a complete revamp of the game, but the developers have said that it is not complete yet.

The developers are working on the release of the mod

But the makers have said that since they are working on the mod for a very long time, it can be hard from their end to give a final answer as to when the mod will release, but they wish to finish by this year.

Albert Marin has told fans that the project they are working on has no exact release date, and yet they don’t want to work with any psychological pressure from the fans.

Albert has asked all the fans that they should understand the kind of work sphere they have, and on the other hand, they should understand the factor that timing is a big quotient.

No update is happening from the vacuum either. Since the mod that will be released is a part of the long-running collaboration between the talented to upgrade to Resident Evil 4.


Image courtesy of Gamer Max Channel/YouTube

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