‘Resident Evil 8: Village’ actress Jeanette Maus has passed away

Acting coach, voice actress, and scriptwriter for Resident Evil 8: Village, Jeanette Maus, has sadly passed away.

Actress Jeanette Maus, who has voiced a lot of Resident Evil 8 characters, has sadly passed away. She was one of the voices behind the witch sisters that makes up the daughters of House Dimitrescu in that upcoming Capcom horror game.

Jeanette Maus was known for her voice work and excellent acting. Her appearance was briefly mentioned in Charm City Kings and co-wrote the film My Effortless Brilliance.

Her talents were undefined

Jeanette Maus also had severe TV shows and upcoming releases, including the Casting Call, which is a TV movie, and a TV series titled Stellar People.

Maus died of complications due to colon cancer on Sunday, January 24th, 2021. The actress has been battling cancer for eight months

The actress was suffering from Crohn’s disease. Recently she was diagnosed with the complications of COVID-19 as well.

Since Maus struggled with financial bills, she started a GoFundMe page where the actress wanted fans to donate.

She was surviving with her fiance, Dusty Warren. Maus was only 39 years old when she died.

Capcom has tweeted about the loss and how the team has lost someone so talented at such a young age.

Maus has been the acting coach and audition coach of John Rosenfeld Studios school for all young actors.

She was not only the voice behind the witch sisters of Resident Evil 8, on whom the whole internet is having a “Fan Moment”.

Maus was raised in the American Northwest. She did her education from alumni of Cornish College of the Arts located in Seattle.

When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, she decided to treat it in the City of Hope, Los Angeles.

The new game is in the works for release

Resident Evil 8: Village is still in the works. It consists of a house of blood-drinking vampire women.

Maus has played one of the ghoulish yet beautiful women giving fans what the upcoming video game holds for them.

The witch ladies have become an internet meme online as a lot of fans are commenting on the game characters.

There are still unknown mysteries in the upcoming eighth installment of the Resident Evil franchise, but there is more going on underneath the surface.

Resident Evil Village will be released in May 2021. The game will be released on all platforms such as PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.


Image courtesy of Resident Evil/YouTube Screenshot

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