‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Silent Hill’ diet: Top horror game players explore other games

Although ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Silent Hill’ have made their way to the top spot, some other horror games also deserve fame.

Content warning: This article contains discussions and references to violence and psychological torture.

It is hard to be a fan of horror series as the genre is something that most of the players don’t like. But due to the rise of action sequences in these games, many players are investing their time and energy into streaming these games so that the audience can come to know what the game holds for them.

While many good horror games certainly revere, the genre is oddly hard to come by compared to the more accessible and bright genres in the video gaming industry.

Resident Evil and Silent Hill have made their name up to the top because of the dimensions and the scary bits that they have earned in their games throughout the launch.

With many completing the newly launched Resident Evil series and dreading the long silence before another classic horror games, players can dive their mind into the other releases which have made their name long way back into the most classic horror tales of all time.


When it comes to the classic survival horror games, players might think of a chase and run sequence. The same comes with this series. Outlast is one of the greatest releases in the genre of the horror of the video game industry. In recent years, one game decided to ante up by having all the characters armed with nothing but the legs running all the time.

In this series, the player has first to take the shoes of Miles Upshur, who is a budding journalist going to investigate some stringiest activities being done in a facility. And the rest is history.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Another horror tale that most people do not talk about is this series. It was once awarded the game of the year because of its cold, mechanical heart and since it had a strong horror gore added to it. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a classic way of letting players know that the horror genre of the video game industry has not faded a bit.

New players can be easily lulled into a sense of security, while long-time players know the pain and anxiety that might come from this constant micromanagement.

Welcome To The Game

Much like the previous game mentioned, this game is full of surprises. Players are stranded in a cold house, and they have to make their way till they are caught and taken for the worst.

Every player is tasked to explore the deep web, either find the mysterious Red Room or find a missing girl out of it. However, they are soon targeted by hackers and kidnappers, and various bad people associated from all around the internet.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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