‘Resident Evil Biohazard’ gave horror genre new spin

Resident Evil Biohazard was one of the most awaited games of the year, and since its release, it has given the horror genre a new spin.

Resident Evil Biohazard is focused on the idea of the protagonist having to find his ways. Mostly like Outlast, this game is all about spin and chase. But the horror genre has got a new spin from the reboot. And fans cannot keep calm about the latest releases on their way.

Coming to the main context of this article, let us explore more options like Resident Evil Biohazard. This game has changed the ideology of the average player. Indeed the other games lived up to the mark.

“Resident Evil Biohazard” changed the ideals of the horror genre

If you have played this game, you surely know the zest. This game has changed the scope of the horror genre. Gone are the days when horror is only meant for jump scares. If you have played Amnesia, then you surely know how it feels like.

Resident Evil contains jump scares, but the intensity is different. Focused on Baker’s family, you can find Easter eggs in this gameplay as well. The game’s DLC has challenged most players to intrude into the world of an exciting horror play.

Capcom has set a new exciting, and new undertaking for the audience. This new installation for the series has revamped the dying experience of the Resident Evil franchise. Powered by RE Engine, the complete overhaul of the gameplay have saved players.

The franchise was already in the rut when makers decided to halt it as a whole. But with a new experience, players got something they always asked for. The new installation for the series is far better than the previous playthrough.

Survival for its best

Set in an old cottage, Resident Evil Biohazard surely wins the heart. You can play the trial version of this game to understand what you are going to get through. This is undoubtedly not for weak hearts.

The boss fights and actions are top notches. The final boss is someone you rarely would expect to be. This series brings back the nostalgia when Chris Redfield comes to rescue you at the end of the gameplay.

The game entangles horror and excitement at the same level. A perfect fit for your weekend playthrough, it will surely win your heart if you’re a horror fanatic. With coordinated movements and stealth, you can win well.

Image courtesy of PlayStation Europe/Shutterstock

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