‘Resident Evil’ fan remakes whole game in first-person perspective on Unreal Engine

Resident Evil fan is remaking the whole game from a first-person perspective on Unreal Engine.

Fans do take the hype of a game pretty seriously, and there is one fan trying to remake the whole game from a first-person perspective. When it comes to Resident Evil, fans have shown their appreciation for the game for a long time.

Many people completed work on the revamp of an old game for the fans in the video gaming industry. These are known as reboots. This is because the game always has the potential to be a huge blockbuster on all screens.

How is the reboot of the game made?

Reboots can contain the characters from the old game, or they can include new chapters as well. These are done to ensure that the game stays in the league, and it is more of respect to the original developers.

One of the basic or most beautiful things in the video game industry is that talent can be used and be kept into beloved franchises with various customized versions and modulations to take new turns.

Such as the same, a fan has decided to spend their full time in the revamp of the original Resident Evil. In a video posted on YouTube, there was footage of tampering done on the previous game of Resident Evil.

The six-minute clip shows the part of the Spencer Mansion in which the majority of the story takes place and where the player is completely moving slowly along the map’s directions.

Is the new remake of the game being retouched?

There is some retouching of the remarkable details on the game, and there is something off as the game is based on a complete first-person perspective.

The first person perspective is the main thing that can catch the viewer’s attention at the first go because it shows something different from the original version of the series. The remake from 2002 did not have this perspective, and a fan has decided to work around it.

While there is no reason for which it has been done, there can be a reason that the first-person perspective is completely made based on the seventh installation of the game and how the director has shared that they wanted the older version more or less to be like Biohazard.

The video contains many realistic-looking zombies who will horde the players at a single point in time, and the action parts of the game are done based on the fps mods.


Image courtesy of PlayStation Europe/YouTube

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