‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ coming to Netflix in 2021


Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness got an announcement in the recent Tokyo Games Show 2020. The CG series will be coming to Netflix in 2021.

The upcoming Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be a full-fledged series. The story will follow both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, which will follow closer to RE canon. It revealed as part of Capcom’s TGS Live 2020 stream this weekend.

Capcom legend will lead new RE CG series

Not many details are available for the upcoming show, apart from a few. First, Hiroyuki Kobayashi will be the show’s executive producer. Kobayashi is part of the success of many Capcom IPs over the years.

Part of his portfolio starts with the original Resident Evil in 1996. It extends to different Resident Evil titles, Dino Crisis, Sengoku Basara, and more. He also acted as the supervisor and producer for many of Capcom’s anime tie-ins.

A teaser shows Leon Kennedy in a suit, while Claire searches a somewhat spooky house. Like any decent Resident Evil show, the teaser shows off zombies and an unidentified man. There are no further details on it, but the design is superb.

The entire show will run for eight episodes, each episode spanning an hour. The story seems more in-line with other Resident Evil CG movies out there. These include RE: Degeneration, RE: Damnation, and RE: Vendetta.

No details on potential Infinite Darkness plot

So far, there aren’t many clues that fans can derive from the teaser trailer. For starters, Leon is in full formal, which likely hints he’s in his official capacity. His in-world job is a Federal Agent of the Division of Security Operations (DSO).

While it’s pure speculation at this point, the story will likely connect to his federal agent position. As for Claire, the house she visited on the teaser showed a few vials on the floor.

A broken vial shows some mysterious liquid and a leech of some type. Based on current lore, the leeches are likely virus samples, likely Las Plagas or the T-Virus. Many of the Resident Evil viruses work in conjunction with leech DNA.

There are two other Resident Evil adaptations currently in the works. The first so far will be a reboot of the movies, under the direction of Johannes Roberts. There’s also a live-action Netflix series that follows the “Wesker” kids.

At the same time, Resident Evil 8, also known as Resident Evil Village, is on its way. More information about Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will release in the months to come. There is no exact date when Infinite Darkness will come out, apart from 2021.

Images [1] courtesy of Netflix/Official Press Release, [2] by Netflix/Youtube Screenshot

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