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‘Resident Evil’ reboot movie: Everything you need to know


Everyone by now must be knowing that the Resident Evil reboot movie’s shooting is finished. But fans of the franchise are curious to learn more!

Clutchpoints reported that the Resident Evil reboot makers just officially confirmed the end of the movie’s shooting. Though the complete production is done, many people who follow the horror franchise are still not aware of all the details.

The fresh take, in terms of films, will see Johannes Roberts as the director.

The “Resident Evil” reboot will see all-new cast members.

When it comes to the series itself, it’s been explored a lot so far, both in games and on the movie side as well. But speaking about the latter, then despite making money, all Milla Jovovich entries were overall very poorly received. Critics and die-hard game lovers and fanatics disliked the narrative, plot treatment, and weak storylines in all those flicks.

And this is the reason that now a new and complete overhaul is being worked upon. It will see a fresh Resident Evil reboot. Plus, it will also introduce us to all-new faces portraying beloved characters from the games.

Speaking of the Capcom film, the reboot will follow the story from mainly the first and second video games. It will be set in the Spencer mansion, taking place in 1998. Thus, it will also give an origin to the very first gaming installment.

When it comes to the cast, then fans will get to see new and talented names. Kaya Scodelario will play the lead role of iconic Claire Redfield. The actress is generally known for her major roles in horror projects like Skins, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.

Playing the part of Claire’s brother, Robbie Amell will be seen as Chris Redfield. Other cast members include Avan Jogia as Leon S. Kennedy and Hannah John-Kamen as Jill Valentine.

The film’s villain, Albert Wesker, is played by actor Tom Hopper (The Umbrella Academy, Terminator: Dark Fate). Another negative character is Neal McDonough, as Dr. William Birkin.

Last but never least, Lily Gao is playing the beloved role of Ada Wong.

Upcoming surprises in the iconic horror universe

Apart from the films, the games under the blockbuster series have recently witnessed many remakes and reboots. 2021 will see a big release in the form of Resident Evil: Village. Last year saw another big launch of an old title in RE 3 Remake after RE 2. It was well-received by the gaming critics and the players as well.

Coming back to the Resident Evil reboot, the movie’s release date is currently scheduled for September 2021.

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