‘Resident Evil’: Scariest moments in the game shared by players

Resident Evil has some of the scariest moments in the games that players have shared.

When discussing any horror game out there, there is a constant name that might pop out in the head, which is Resident Evil. 

The Resident Evil universe has been a fan favorite for many different reasons as it has made its way to the top list. Like Silent Hill, it was first launched on the original PlayStation in the mid-90s’ and has become one of the most enjoyable and royalty in the industry.

Introducing tons of generations of fans to its gruesome and engaging universe, there are some of the scariest moments in the games which fans share that they have witnessed during their gameplay over and over again.

The First Zombie – Resident Evil (2002)

One of the main things about the original game is that it has terrified every player who has played the first installment. The cinematic universe that Resident Evil has right now may not share the same bond, but the game itself has a story to say.

In the first game, the second players turn their back into a corner. Mere minutes into the game, while exploring the creepy mansion, they are met with the first zombie. This moment is made even more terrifying by Gamecube’s remake of the game in 2002.

With the graphical update of the scene, it becomes horrific and gruesome. A zombie that is hunched over and some maggots are slowly consuming its body can put any player into their panic mode. But one of the most important things that players notice in Resident Evil 1 is that if the zombie is not dead, it can attack them anytime during their gameplay.

Dog Attack – Resident Evil (1996)

Another one of the most truly terrifying scenes is the dog attack. Before players even set their foot in the mansion, they are attacked by a pack of the monstrous dog in Resident Evil to investigate a crash site.

After exploring for a while and solving all the puzzles, and unlocking all the passageways, players have to enter a wing of the mansion, which is well lit and not overly ominous. Several other windows are down the line, and there is moonlight night glowing through. There are certain compares in this game that makes the most of it.

Marguerite Fight – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

When you talk about gruesome, then there is nothing more than watching an old granny turn into a hideous monster with legs crawling all over.

When players find out and explore the decrepit old house of Marguerite in the seventh installation of the game, there is scrambling on the walls and ceilings with a humanoid spider. Her limbs are genuinely long and stretched. It is a hard scene to watch and kill.


Image courtesy of Gronkh/YouTube

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