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‘Resident Evil Village’ explains their monsters in this video game


Resident Evil Village may feel like a true supernatural series at first, but the experiments have gone wrong in a scientific fashion.

Resident Evil Village is one of the most noted games these days because everyone seems to be playing it. Resident Evil Village has featured a line of unique creatures for the first series, including all vampires and monsters.

These monsters may at first appear to be supernatural, but of course, there are more to what meets the eyes.

In true series fashion, Resident Evil Village has not been able to keep with the social and scientific experiments, and sinister viruses from all around as the storytelling might have failed a bit.

Throughout the game. The player is asked to slowly uncover the various information and hints present in the notable parts, as all the confrontation is done with the use of notes and documents.


The Lycans serve as the most common monster of the game as players might come in par more than once in their gameplay. They usually attack in a large horde, and these beasts are covered in fur, gaining sharp teeth and tremendous strength and durability. The wolf life creatures will communicate with each other using basic tools and via loud howls.


Lady Dimitrescu is one of the most iconic characters of Resident Evil Village. Perhaps why this game is so famous, well, all jokes aside, the vampires are the example of the Cadou parasite embracing their host. Alcina Dimitrescu was bestowed her powers by Mother Miranda. Her aging process halted around forty years ago, and due to a hereditary disease, Lady is asked to consume blood to maintain herself. A side effect of the consumption of blood is the impeccable height that she has.

Donna Beneviento’s dolls

Donna Beneviento’s family was compromised of all the well-known doll makers. Due to the scarred visage, she remained locked away in her room, choosing only to speak with her one doll called Angie. When her parents passed away, she abandoned all the human contact until Mother Miranda intervened. Miranda is once again seen to utilize the Cadou to grant her unnatural abilities.


Moreau is one of the most disgusting-looking fish-like creatures in Resident Evil Village. This man has webbed hands and feet, a prominent hunchback, and a separate form he can seemingly transform into at will. This mutated form is even more fish-like and features a back-covered eye.

Heisenberg & Heisenberg’s Monsters

Karl Heisenberg is the only rebellion who has joined Mother Miranda’s group. He holds an immense grudge against Miranda and due to what he perceives of her and her selfish nature. In power similar to telekinesis, he has electric organs that allow him to control magnetic fields meaning that he can extend any metal objects. Heisenberg is the most powerful of all lords which are present.

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda is one of the village’s main and spiritual leaders and is worshiped by all the occupants. She is the last boss that players have to defeat at last. She can combine all the parasitic nematodes to create the Cadou. Miranda set out to find a way to revive her dead daughter by using the parasite and taking the help of Oswald Spencer for his own research with Umbrella.

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