‘Resident Evil Village’ fails to turn horror narrative into blockbuster

Should the successful launch of ‘Resident Evil Village’ make you worry about the future of Triple-A horror or help you be optimistic about a good narrative?

When it comes to Resident Evil Village’s success, you can surely consider it to be a hit.

The game’s sales have doubled, and the figures suggest that RE can go on becoming the best-selling Resident Evil Title, and critics and fans are everywhere as they are ready to name Resident Evil Village as one of the best games of 2021.

It is one of the best demonstrations of next-gen gaming technology so far.

Capcom’s biggest hit so far

If players are looking at Resident Evil Village as a product, they can be assured that it is hard not to consider the game a success earlier this year into its lifespan.

Before the launch of the game, Capcom has spent a lot of time and effort into understanding and marketing the objectives and goals and what actually goes behind launching a successful game of the year. Capcom members and team associates have said that they are pretty happy with the game, and in many of the ways that matter most, they should be happy.

Resident Evil Village is a perfect game with challenging objectives and a perspective for all the players to have a good fun run. You could even probably throw out the word great in many circles and not have to argue about it.

When you start to ask questions about how Resident Evil Village works as a horror game, the conversations can start to go the other way. Since the game’s launch, the game has been portrayed more like a blockbuster than anything else.

It is more like a horror theme park

Resident Evil Village can better be portrayed as a gameplay theme park with a horror land section. Coming out from Resident Evil 7, Capcom has not failed to deliver right to their objective for all the fans.

Resident Evil 7 was also meant for all the praises, but later, when the game started to age, critics found some crucial points about the game that could have been taken out for discussions. Resident Evil Village can be counted more like a blockbuster as it consists of every single thing.

The game has a good narrative for all the players since the environment is set in such away. Coming to the main protagonist of the game Ethan Winters, he has been handling off and fighting demons for a very long time.

And there we have Lady Dimitrescu, who is one of the most obsessed characters on the internet.

This game is more like a ride in the amusement park divided into four themes: lands connected by a hub area where you will get all your refreshments and souvenirs.


Image courtesy of Residence of Evil/YouTube Screenshot

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