‘Resident Evil Village’: Gameplay details we know of so far

Capcom is currently busy with Resident Evil Village, and fans can’t wait to finally get a glimpse of the game and how it plays. Since it’s over 60% done already, fans might not have to wait too long before the game arrives.

Resident Evil Village is Capcom’s next major title for the survival horror franchise, and fans can’t help but get excited about it. Resident Evil 7 was a major hit as it brought the series back to its survival horror roots, which is why, for the next game, fans are expecting the same. Here’s what we know so far about gameplay.

Evolved first-person

One of the things we’ve gotten confirmed is that the next game will feature a first-person perspective, much like the one in Resident Evil 7. However, Capcom did say that the perspective in the sequel will be in an evolved form, but we have yet to know what exactly that means.

Campcom is likely to add new gameplay elements we have yet to see from any previous Resident Evil title.

Inventory management and puzzle-solving

In a recent Famitsu interview, Capcom confirmed that both inventory management and puzzle-solving would return in Resident Evil Village. This is great news as these are some of the features that made Resident Evil 7 a well-received title in the first place. These features were also at the core of the early Resident Evil games.

By adding this feature back, Capcom confirms that the game will once again venture into the survival horror genre.

Non-existent loading

Capcom also confirms that working on the next-gen of consoles has allowed them to create an experience that features virtually no loading screen. This is similar to what Guerrilla Games is aiming for in Horizon Forbidden West. This feature means players should expect a seamless horror experience once the game arrives.

The goal of Capcom is to make the game feel as immersive as possible. This means that its features like inventory management, evolved first-person gameplay, and non-existent loading makes the game feel as realistic as possible. Slowly, we are also seeing the true extent of the next generation’s power already.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release this 2021 for the next generation of consoles. The game will pick up from the story of Resident Evil 7, and the developers have confirmed that the game will bring the previous story to a conclusion. Hopefully, Capcom arrives with more details soon.


Image used courtesy of Resident Evil/YouTube

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