‘Resident Evil Village’ has now shipped 4.5 million copies worldwide


Resident Evil Village has now shipped 4.5 million copies, being up there with some of the biggest iterations of the entire franchise for Capcom.

In the official Biohazard Japan Twitter, Capcom announced that Resident Evil Village sold another 500,000 copies. This now puts the title at 4.5 million copies shipped, below Resident Evil 6 in lifetime sales at 7.8 million copies.

However, Village is only out for two months. The meteoric acceptance for the game can put it at pace to defeat the best-selling Resident Evil, which is RE7.

RE Village stays strong

RE Village is among the strongest games in the franchise for a reason. The title is a modernization of everything good about the entire series. It cleverly uses the horror from Resident Evil 7 and splices it with all the good things from Resident Evil 4.

“‘Resident Evil Village’ has exceeded 4.5 million in cumulative sales worldwide,” said Biohazard Japan, as translated via Google Translate. “ Continue to enjoy Ethan’s story as he heads back against the dead to regain his stolen daughter. And if you haven’t experienced it yet, we are waiting for you at Resident Evil Village!”

Capcom is still working on the DLC for the game, which they noted to have started work on last month.

Village sales confirmed by official badge

Resident Evil Village shipping 4.5 million copies in a matter of two months is more than impressive. This is only confirmed by the badge on its official website, which is a great sight to see.

So far, Village is running after the records set by its predecessors. The top numbers belong to Resident Evil 7, holding as many as 9 million units in sales in March. The top-seller for Capcom, however, is Monster Hunter: World, which is at 17.1 million units shipped.

A few days after launch, RE Village already sold as many as three million copies worldwide. By end of May, the game already shipped as many as four million copies. The entire franchise has sold past 100 million units in all of its titles.

“Our main ambition for this year, although there’s so much going on at the same time, is to make sure Resident Evil: Village will be the best-performing Resident Evil title, both in terms of quality as well as business,” noted Antoine Molant, EMEA marketing director for Capcom.

Resident Evil Village has more content coming. It will have its first DLC soon, including the next multiplayer mode, RE:Verse.

Featured image courtesy of Resident Evil/Youtube Screenshot

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