‘Resident Evil Village’ has topped all PlayStation Downloads in May

Resident Evil Village has surely managed to stay at the topmost spot even after months after its release.

When Resident Evil Village was first launched, it was a hot topic of the week. A lot of fans thought that the game is going to be a blockbuster because Capcom did not leave a scope for announcements and of course, the menacing trailers with Lady Dimitrescu featuring.

On top of that, PlayStation announced that Resident Evil Village have remained its top downloads for the month of May. And there is a surprise for gamers because they will never know, which game which before and stayed on above the rest of the competition.

The survival horror chase is a major success

The main element for the success of Resident Evil Village is that it has repurchased both the horror and the action element to gaming. With the onset of the game, fans can find themselves being stuck in various situations, especially where they are handed over with ammunition to march over the dead.

Resident Evil have always been on the same playthrough as it focuses more on horror survival rather than the plain ol’ boring run and chase. Resident Evil Village have towered over the competition in the May’s PlayStation Store charts.

It is made its way to the top and have earned the number one spot of being in the list of survival adventure horror games not only in the US but also in the major parts of EU PS5 charts. This is a big win for Capcom as the company have come a long way with the post production and releasing such a game which can be easily titled the game of the year.

The sequel is a major hit among fans

If fans remember then Resident Evil Village plays the direct sequel to the 2017’s release, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

In the previous game, Ethan was appointed to find the whereabouts about Mia who went to the Bakers family but could not come back. When Ethan finally approaches the estate, he finds out the dark secret that the Bakers family has been hiding from him for a long time.

Resident Evil Village is different as it shows that Ethan has now been settling off with Mia with their daughter Rose. But since it is Resident Evil, there is nothing that can go on their way.

Mother Miranda kidnaps Rose, and Ethan has to find his way through the castle and the four henchmen of Miranda to get to Rose finally. Here fans have seen a glance of our beloved Lady Dimitrescu, who appeared in the trailers and is one of the first henchmen that Ethan will face in a battle.

If players have played Resident Evil Village once, then they will know that they will come across Chris Redfield and the infamous Lady more than once as hurdles to overcome in the game.


Image courtesy of Resident Evil/YouTube

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