‘Resident Evil Village’: How can players survive mercenaries mode?

Resident Evil Village offers more to the players than what fits the eyes.

Resident Evil Village, one of the most talked-about survival horror games of the town, has various modes for players. Survival horror and action that something beautiful together and very hard to fit together at the same time.

A game that overemphasizes right on its action will undercut the tension of what lies in the corner, but on the other hand, if a game relies too much on the survival horror, then action won’t be a form anymore.

If a series has kept the balance, Resident Evil Village takes all the mantle here. The classic Mercenaries mode helps and balances both the survival horror genre and the action genre of the game beautifully together.

But there is a catch. Players have often argued that playing in this game mode is sure something that only the pros can do, so here is a comprehensive guide of how to last playing Resident Evil Village in the Mercenaries mode.

Start By Beating Each Stage

One of the main things that players have to do is start by beating every stage they face in the mercenary mode. As with any score-based game mode, you are tempted to go or the maximum rating in the circle each stage before trying to the next one. But here is something, players don’t have to waste their time anymore.

They can start each game with more money right here and have finished each stage so that they can start earlier stages with better abilities when returning. The scoring system appears to be completely balanced with fatter wallets for all the players. So here, they will have an easier time getting those SSS ranks using this advantage.

Line Your Pockets

Once again, there is something to do in the Mercenaries mode. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to money. It is what lets all the players expand and upgrade their arsenal, but the total earnings made are calculated into the final score.

So there is always a good reason for all the players to horde as much money they want right into their wallets. Players need to understand one thing. Killing enemies in the game can help out with the changes, but they have to stop themselves from killing at a distance, or else the loose changes will be a dream to collect.

Don’t Be A Hoarder

Last but not least, Resident Evil Village teaches all the players not to horde the items because it is easier to sell them and get money as they want. So many players tend to hold onto loads of ammo and healing all the meds that they know they won’t use further in the game.

It is one o the biggest mistake that players can make to raise their score. If something is not needed in the inventory, then players have complete freedom to sell them.


Image courtesy of Markiplier/YouTube

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