‘Resident Evil Village’: How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu’s mutated version in the game

Mutated Lady Dimitrescu can be difficult to handle and kill off in the game.

Resident Evil Village players know about the mutated version of Lady Dimitrescu, which will pop up in the game and has to be defeated.

Spoilers ahead. 

The mutated version of this tall vampire lady is something that players won’t be in awe of as her natural self all of them has seen during the gameplay. The mutated form of Lady Dimitrescu in this game is one of the main threats.

This guide will help all the players know how to defeat her as she is among the four lords in the game.

What is the real form of this tall vampire lady?

As a part of the Resident Evil Village promotional material, the massive vampire woman has been placed front and center of the game to attract players. It is nearly impossible to go anywhere that talks about this game without seeing Lady Dimitrescu being attached to it.

Over the months, she has become quite a fan-favorite among the masses because many people know she wants to play this game. But there is a massive disappointment for all players.

The tall vampire lady does not stay in her true form in the boss battle. The marketing team knew what they were doing by keeping her in the spotlight, but they have a surprise in store for all the eager gamers out there.

While Lady Dimitrescu’s human form might be attractive to the unknown gaze, her true form is one of the terrifying things to reach in the Resident Evil universe.

She will eventually transform into a giant dragon where her human is the form of a rider. She will do everything in her power to bring Ethan Winters down and stop him from reaching out to save his daughter.

The main thing why Lady Dimitrescu has to feed on blood because to stop her mutated form from taking over.

This guide is the best option for all the players to understand how to defeat and emerge victorious from the first boss battle.

How to defeat her

For starters, all the players need to have a shotgun to win this battle. The players have to make sure that they stack up on their shotgun ammo as much as possible, as it will do most of the damage.

If the shotgun ammo is being wasted, the players can choose to kill her using the handgun for minimal damage. Using other weapons such as the sniper gun is better at a farther range whenever she is flying.

At one point in the fight, she will trap the player on top of the tall spire. The player won’t have much to do in terms of avoiding her attack. This is the time to bring out the shotgun and then attacking her right in the chest for a maximum hit.

Players have to wait for a short interval to load the gun again and then attacking her in the center to get the work done.


Image courtesy of MrRedRivers/YouTube

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