‘Resident Evil Village’ initially had more grotesque sounds

If you think Resident Evil Village is already filled with a horrific and disturbing atmosphere, then you might be wrong.

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village initially featured sound effects that were “too grotesque” to include in the story. Thus, the makers removed them for good.

The latest entry’s audio director recently revealed this unknown fact.

‘Resident Evil Village’ could’ve been even more haunting!

While speaking to TechRadar, Wataru Hachisako admitted that previously there were several disturbing effects in the game.

So they tried toning them down or completely removing them from Resident Evil Village.

“There were some sound effects that we tried out, but they were a little too grotesque and realistic to keep in the game,” he said.

“There were also some sounds of metal or wood rubbing together or clashing which put some people’s teeth on edge, so we had to take care with the 3D audio positioning of those!”

So there were restrictions and boundaries regarding the inclusion of certain sounds.

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village makes a lot of use of the new PS5’s 3D audio. It creates a sense of sound and space that mimics a real-life environment.

And it’s awe-inspiring while experiencing it during actual gaming.

However, when it comes to the new Resident Evil entry, Hachisako said he didn’t want those sound effects.

Because sometimes, some things are best left unheard.

Well, several fans will keep wondering over this new revelation.

It’s because the game is a horror title comprising of very unwanted and uncomfortable surroundings already.

So for them, it’s no big deal hearing very extreme or crazy effects while walking or running through the village or castle.

The studio might share these files publicly in the future. That way, everyone will get a taste of their authentic and original intensity.

However, those who are afraid of such sounds can stay away.

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The latest installment is a hit already.

Meanwhile, the newest addition in the iconic franchise proves to be a big success with rapid sales in its first month.

Capcom, on Tuesday, shared the information regarding the figures so far.

Resident Evil Village sold more than 3 million units globally in its first five days!

Well, it should come as no surprise.

Seems like the magic of Lady Dimitrescu and her tall height did work a lot. And there’s no doubt in that. She’s incredibly scary.

Apart from that, the overall gameplay also received critics’ great reception. They lauded the design and character portrayal.

On the other hand, the majority of players loved the haunting vibes and the main story.

Furthermore, major review portals like Metacritic and IGN gave it brilliant scores as well.

A lasting hype before the official release is also a massive reason for players buying it in large numbers worldwide.

Recently, a report also revealed that Resident Evil Village was the best Steam launch throughout history.

Moreover, in the UK, it was one of the top-selling PS5 titles last week.

That’s, again, a remarkable achievement. And it’s just the beginning!


Image courtesy of jacksepticeye /YouTube

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