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‘Resident Evil Village’ livestream reveals game’s launch date, multiplayer content, and more


A recently-held livestream for Resident Evil Village unveils plenty of new information, including the game’s release date and multiplayer aspect.

Dubbed the Resident Evil Showcase, the nearly 20-minute livestream was hosted by Brittney Brombacher. The emcee is the Founder and CEO of BlondeNerd, which is known for various marketing campaigns in the gaming industry.

As per the YouTube livestream, the game is set for launch on May 7, 2021, while pre-orders are now ongoing.

Multiplayer Mode

Aside from disclosing the horror title’s release window, the showcase also discloses new content to viewers. One, in particular, is the game’s exclusive multiplayer content, dubbed Re:Verse.

Essentially Capcom’s way of engaging its player-base in its latest creation, the multiplayer aspect pits players against one another in teams. Unlike the previous iteration of a similar gameplay mode, Re:Verse features familiar characters from the entire series.

That means being able to play series favorites the likes of Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, etc. Zombies are in it, too, giving players the option to take on the role of the overpowered creatures seen in the franchise. As per livestream, the multiplayer gameplay is set in a third-person view.

Main Gameplay Demo

Fans who have been up-to-speed with Capcom’s latest project would already know that the game follows RE7’s first-person perspective design. This, indeed, contrasts the earlier mentioned mode’s presentation. The similarity continues the trend which the last game adopted as a mainline title.

The live demo shows more of that by showing an extensive look into RE Village’s actual gameplay. Making for a highlight is the game’s updated fighting mechanics, which adds emphasis on guarding. Basically, giving players a better chance at surviving the game’s hostile environment, particularly against certain enemy attacks.

As a true blue Resident Evil title, arsenals remain core to RE Village’s combat, facilitated by an inventory system. Players who had at least experienced Resident Evil 4 would easily acquaint themselves with it. The thrill of which boils down to its inherent constraints, enforcing prudence to players in what they carry.

Aside from demonstrating the game’s up-to-date combat system, it also features elaborate environments, including the game’s uncanny beings. Taking advantage of today’s modern technology, the presentation makes a tour of the developer’s masterful artistry of their craft.

Not Current-Gen Platform Exclusive

Speaking of modern technology, new information suggests that Resident Evil Village is not a current-gen exclusive title. It dispels initial rumors claiming that the latest RE title will run exclusively on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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