‘Resident Evil Village’ not ‘Resident Evil 8’ insists Capcom

Since its reveal during the Future of Gaming stream for the PlayStation 5, a lot of speculations have been surrounding Capcom’s Resident Evil Village. Now, the developer is finally answering some questions regarding the upcoming title.

Resident Evil Village is stylized as Resident Evil 8 on the game’s title card. However, fans shouldn’t call this game as the eighth mainline entry in the survival horror genre. At least, according to Capcom.

Capcom dropping the numerals

In an interview with Famitsu Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano revealed that they have entirely omitted the number eight from the game’s title. This is to ensure that there will be more focus on the setting. Previous mainline entries of the Resident Evil games had numericals in its names since the second game featuring Leon Kennedy.

“You could call the actual Village another character in the game, and we did that because we would like players to understand that,” the pair answered, before expressing their hope for players to abbreviate the game with “Village” and not “RE8”,’ notes the developers.

That isn’t to say that the game isn’t a mainline entry, though. Capcom is just opting to drop the numericals so that players understand the importance of the village in the game.

Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel of Resident Evil 7, and it will star Ethan Winters once again. This time, however, he will be joined by Chris Redfield, who is one of the primary protagonists from the previous games.

A conclusion to the previous game’s story

Unlike most Resident Evils that start a new story, the upcoming title will pick up the pieces from Resident Evil 7. The story promises to bring the previous game’s story to a conclusion. This is a new gimmick for the franchise that always told various stories centered around the Umbrella Corporation throughout the years.

In terms of gameplay, not much has been revealed about the upcoming game yet, but the story details we know so far are making the fans excited about the franchise.

The game is apparently over 60% done at this point in time. We could be getting more details about it soon.

Resident Evil Village is slated to release for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021. Most of the game is still behind closed curtains, and it seems like Capcom is busy with working on the title currently. Fans should expect more gameplay reveals by the end of the year.


Image used courtesy of Resident Evil/Capcom / Youtube Screenshot

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