‘Resident Evil Village’ open-world design hinted on Steam

A tag made on the Resident Evil Database on Steam suggests that the new horror title is adapting to open-world design elements.

A tag made on the Resident Evil Village’s Steam Database hints that it is approaching an open-world design element.

The latest entry in the horror database hints at the open-world adaptation as players get excited about the release.

An interest built by Capcom in gameplay title

Capcom has built up enough interest in the title’s gameplay experience. The first look at the footage shows a brand new trailer which is released by the group.

The publisher has managed to include several Resident Evil-related announcements.

Capcom has commented that the RE Village’s May 2021 release will be available for both last-gen and current-gen consoles. Developers are still in the works.

Viewers have also been treated to the production of the Re: Verse. It is a complete multiplayer made for those who will purchase RE Village. The mode will come with no additional costs for them.

Capcom has said that right now PS5 players can download the demo for free. RE Village demo will go live this spring for all the fans.

How have players taken the hint of including Open-World?

Eagle-eyed players have taken the hint and have said that the new RE Village “will be hinting at open-world access.”

One fan who goes by the Twitter username of Dusk Golem has reached out and has said that the title suggests to somewhat “small open-world design.”

Capcom has not officially said anything on the game being related to an open-world platform or not.  The other games were built on the same platform, so Capcom is yet to make it official.

Capcom has even commented that Resident Evil Village is not a continuation of the series. Instead, it is the sequel of the 7th installment of the series, RE-7.

The game takes place with Ethan trying to rescue his baby and stumbling across the strange village. Here, he has to battle the creatures inside the castle to save his daughter.

Gameplay and footage of Resident Evil Village battling one of the bosses have been leaked on YouTube. This is not the first time that the developers are facing a ransomware attack.

The release plans of Capcom for the next few years were outed through YouTube, so the company is taking it slowly, this time.


Image courtesy of Resident Evil/YouTube Screenshot

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