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‘Resident Evil Village’ pays a gentle tribute to the 25 years of Survival Horror


The eighth installation of the Resident Evil Village series is an intense and thrilling ride of the decade filled with clever history nods.

Resident Evil Village pays their tribute to the 25 years of survival horror as the game has kick-started, and a lot of players are on their way to play it. There is a sense of thrill and adventure that helps this series to power through.

Utterly terrifying enemy encounters, impossibly tight resources, and a feeling that there is no way that you will live to see the next area. Survival horrors are completely visceral.

The series is a classic addition to the horror genre

Resident Evil Village captures the feeling magnificently in its early hours and clutches with a tight menacing grip. The game has hit sales, and it is already available on Ps5, Ps4, Xbox Series X and S, and even on PC.

After surviving the harrowing events of Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winters is once again here to play our main and favorite protagonist. He is nowhere to save his daughter named Rosemary, from the clutches of the castle.

Upon your arrival into the snowy hamlet, you will be first attacked by a horde of werewolves who are there to tear you apart and being the main player. You have to save yourself for the rest of the game to unfold.

The best thing about Resident Evil Village is that it captivates the players in a menacing way that helps the players stick around for a longer time. This is what is the best thing about the Resident Evil series. Capcom has not failed to deliver their outstanding performance with the help of the series, and they finally pay their tribute to the 25 years of survival horror in the making of history.

The village of shadows

What is better is that when players enter the village of shadows and they are assigned to defeat the four lords who rule over its inhabitants with apparently supernatural powers.

The village itself acts as a hub, and all the players can gather their items to enter each of the lord territories. So yes, it will be a huge fight for all the players to defeat one after the other lords rule.

Each of the present areas is visually attractive and infused with the master’s personality with fascinating imagery and iconography, providing every environment with character.

The first territory is the gothic castle and the internet-famous lady called Lady Dimitrescu. Wandering in the castle’s halls are her daughters, and Ethan has to fight every one of them to make sure that the objective is achieved.

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