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‘Resident Evil Village’ releases a cryptic new teaser


Resident Evil Village has dropped a new trailer showing Ethan Winter wandering about and trying to find some hidden information.

Capcom has released a new trailer for Resident Evil Village. Players can find out some ominous happenings taking place inside the game, as a cryptic message from the team.

How the trailer is coming out to be

Resident Evil Village fans are really excited about this new trailer.

The teaser takes the form of a coincidental note from an unnamed writer. Cataloged events are happening at all the undiscovered locations.

Resident Evil fans gave quickly picked up from the trailer. They have found out some of the hidden information that the game might be referring to. Some of the people even have ideas that the new trailer might be leaving out cryptic messages.

Resident Evil games have always left out and housed cryptic messages from all survivors and entities. To flesh out the game and what goes around in the Resident Evil world, players have to take a peek into the Twitter handle.

There is a “Field Log” captured in an image talks of someone monitoring the scene closely. The new trailer shows a classified location where players can find “recent tracks and blood along the route.” It throws light at “dragging bodies.”

Some players have deciphered parts of the message

Through the game’s content being shared and previous experience collected from the series, some players have been able to decipher some hidden messages in the trailer.

Twitter user naven0m have explained that the map can be compared to the Collector’s Edition of the game. The Twitter users say that the first line speaks about “Reporting from Beneviento House.” While the second redacted part says, “to monitor the ‘Village’.”

There is a part in the game which shows “Recording Castle occupants.” It might be related to Lady Dimitrescu and her companions.

Players have even asked about a mysterious person in the game who leaves the notes for Ethan to discover.

By far, players know that Resident Evil Village will feature Chris Redfield. There is a trailer that shows him in the game, but fans are yet to decide if it is the same character or the same version that we can recall from previous chapters.

It is one hint that Chris is monitoring all the Castle inhabitants. It might be a close outlook that Ethan might be working with Chris as well.

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