Resident Evil Village reveals a big accessibility problem

Capcom did not even try to make Resident Evil Village the slightest bit accommodating.

After the launch of Resident Evil Village, many players wanted to experience how the most anticipated game of the game would actually be. But then, this game has a big accessibility problem overall.

There is a lot of whiplashes that the game takes the players in when it begins. Starting from enemies, bosses, obstacles, and collectibles, there is a ton for the game to offer.

There is a toggle for the motion blur and, on the other hand, a customizable HUD, assistance for all the attacks and trigger pulling, plus aiming. That is to name from the few things that Resident Evil Village brings for everyone.

But the one thing that Capcom has failed to deliver over the years is the accessibility management for gamers.

Despite all the strides that Capcom is still stuck in the past with all the next to zero choices that they have made.

What are the issues in the game?

It is hard to say that what has happened after the years of progression and learning, especially with the help of a triple-A Developer. Let us backtrack to all the FOV issues at first.

This game misses the chance to engage the players well because there is a lot of lag present. It hammers back right to the original borderland, where you have to mess about the ini file to avoid all nausea and an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness.

It’s scarier than Lady Dyson Sphere and her three D’Vorah daughters.

It is hard to hear what the characters are saying throughout

Streaming services are doing a better job in the game than any other options present out there. Subtitles that are present in the game do not specifically make you understand who is speaking and when.

For those hard of hearing or who are deaf, they have to play a guessing game altogether of what the characters in the game are trying to say. With all the accessibility settings, games tend to offer an option to toggle the names of the speakers, and some of them go as far as to have different colors depending on the standing.

It is also an endemic of a large problem of the game that it lacks proper subtitles, which are needed to be present throughout. Those who cannot hear won’t have the slightest clue of what is going on in the game as they always have to guess their best bet.

Can I Play That did extensive research on the factor that, if you are disabled, would you be able to play Resident Evil Village? And the answer is a stark no.


Image courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube

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