‘Resident Evil Village: fantastic demo, smart marketing tool

The recent demo released by Capcom, the Resident Evil Village Maiden, has got fans excited than any other trailers so far.

The recent trailer for Resident Evil Village released by the company called the Resident Evil Maiden is a short slice of what the game will be. When it comes to marketing, Capcom knows how to do it.

It is over in about 15-20 minutes(if players are not stuck inside the puzzle).

The Resident Evil Village demo lets players explore all the main locations inside the castle and lets them face some of the prominent characters coming across.

Hopefully, the trailer is enough for players to understand and get creeped out from the constant dread of the gruesome atmosphere.

How Is The Demo So Effective?

Regardless of how a demo should be like, a good demo should always consist of these three things.

Let the players understand the gameplay, tease some of the characters inside the game, and the third is to give a sense of scale and spectacle.

Remember the BioShock demo which was released just before the game’s release?

No amount of combat, gameplay, and a perfect depiction of the players’ scenario would have been adequate than what BioShock achieved with their demo.

A demo is indeed a make or break point for players to know whether this game would be worthy of their time or not.

Maiden does a fantastic job of preventing all the twists and turns of the actual game from leaking.

The developers have stopped the demo from running to a full game still communicating about what players would likely do.

More importantly, a part of the existing game is sectioned as a demo. So if players have played Maiden, they can understand what they are in for the treat.

Risk and Reward Of The Game

Games are incredibly interactive because it lets the players walkthrough as the main character. Maiden delivers the perfect walkthrough and helps players to understand what is waiting in store for them.

Capcom’s move here is not a new or unexpected one because many developers have been putting out demos for years.

Demos are a perfect way to help players decide whether they should purchase the game or not. Not every single game is meant for every single player.

Demos help the gamers to understand if the game is or isn’t for them or whether they can stomach all the graphic, gore happening inside the game or not.

Image courtesy of Resident Evil/YouTube Screenshot

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