Respawn Entertainment planning on adding real-time damage meters for ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends is over a year old, but the game is still lacking a few quality of life features that players have been begging for. Apparently, the developers are readying the release of one key feature already.

A lot of features have already been added to Apex Legends since launch, but a lot of much-requested changes remain to be seen. Since the start, players have been asking for a real-time damage tracker. One developer may have confirmed that it is indeed coming to the game.

Damage tracker in the works?

In a twitter exchange, one fan decided to reach out to Respawn Entertainment’s Jason McCord. To begin with, the player asked if the developers are planning on adding a damage meter to the game. This damage meter would give players real-time updates on how much damage they’ve done already.

McCord responded shortly, only saying that “it’s on a list!” From this, we can surmise that Respawn Entertainment is already working on the feature. While no release date or frame has been given yet, it’s great to hear that Respawn Entertainment is taking steps to add minor but much-desired features in the battle royale.

Why a damage meter?

In Apex Legends, players will only see the amount of damage they do once the game is over. Players can also keep track of the damage by checking out the damage indicator that appears when they hit a player. However, this is very taxing, let alone difficult to pull off.

Players want a real-time damage tracker mostly because they want help getting the 4K badge. This badge requires players to deal with a total of 4,000 damage in one game. Without a real-time tracker to guide them, players are left guessing whether or not they’ve reached the goal.

There’s not even a system that notifies them in-game when they’ve acquired the badge. Of course, the damage meter will also tell players if they are doing enough or aren’t doing enough for the team. We’ll most likely see this update in the future, but at least it’s confirmed to come.

A damage meter is one of the most requested features for Apex LegendsHopefully, the developers get to add it soon so that players will see just how much they are contributing to the team. There’s more quality of life changes to be added to the future as players are definitely asking for it.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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