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#RespectLay trends online after EXO Lay got bashed


After EXO Lay won the Converse M-All Star Street Dance Competition, malicious comments have been flooding on Weibo.

Recently, EXO Lay participated in the Converse M-All Star Street Dance Competition in China.

There, the idols who joined showcased their hip-hop street dance style. Lay showed off his krumping and freestyle skills during the competition and bagged the prize.

The ultimate battle was between Lay and the French dancer Bouboo. The EXO member took home the bacon after showing his unmatched prowess on the stage.

The rise of the growing feud

After the announcement of Lay’s win, the Chinese girlfriend of Bouboo made an intriguing post on Weibo.

She said that her boyfriend only lost because he did not have time to warm up and change his clothes.

Furthermore, the Chinese girl claims that Bouboo did not know he was going to be judged already.

With the post, it triggered flooding hate towards Lay and his dancing. As of this time, the post has been deleted.

The boomerang

Later that day, on Weibo, Bouboo asked fans not to hate his girlfriend. He explained that his girlfriend only said that because she wants to defend him and respect Lay.

With Bouboo’s post, Lay commented, saying that he respects him as well. This leads fans to speculate that Lay already saw all the malicious and harmful comments made against him.

However, it seems that Bouboo’s girlfriend is not ready to stop yet. She then again has seen commenting on posts shading the EXO member. This somehow caused the social media outlets to continue on their hate train.

The authentic dancers on the rescue

With all the malicious comments waving mainstream, here come numerous dancers coming out to stand for Lay.

They said that there’s no point in hating the idol since he did exceptionally well during the competition.

Other dancers also pointed out that Lay can lead the development of the street dance in China. Also, a judge came out and spilled that the decision of the winners was extensively discussed.

Moreover, the competition’s MC has also made a statement claiming that Buoboo did not know he will be judged.

He expressed that the competition’s schedule did not change and that three times he checked the contestants. This means that Buoboo is fully aware of the contest’s entirety.

The worthy supporters of EXO Lay

With all the accusations waving on social media, fans elevated their defense by trending #RespectLay on Twitter.

Along with the hashtag is the explanation regarding the situation. And they filled Lay’s heart with love through messages of love and support.

Image courtesy of LAY/YouTube Screenshot

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