‘Returnal’ studio Housemarque reveals more companies tried to acquire them


Returnal studio Housemarque admits that there was a big competition to bring them in, with the studio CEO feeling “a little surreal” about it.

Housemarque recently came under the Sony umbrella due to their newest creation, Returnal. Now, studio CEO Ilari Kuittinen revealed that there was a competition on who can get them on board. They decided on Playstation in the end for a reason.

Housemarque had several companies fighting for a buyout

In an interview with Finnish publication Yle, Housemarque notes Playstation was not the only horse in the race. They note that there were buyout offers from almost every point in the globe. At the end, it was Sony who won them.

“Usual suspects, i.e. major players in the field from China, Sweden and the United States,” note Kuittinen. “I have to say that there is a very special spring behind us and the fact that we have been competing even feels a little surreal.”

He notes that the deal, which comes at an undisclosed value, will offer additional freedom to the studio. It will allow them to go through lengths on building more “ambitious” titles.

“This deal gives us the financial freedom to develop the company towards the best gaming studios in the world. It allows us to create new gaming experiences that are even bigger and more ambitious,” he added.

Sony partnership goes far back

Returnal studio Housemarque partnered with Sony for a long time now. They’ve worked with them since the PS3, coming back to their 2D titles like Super Stardust HD. Furthermore, Kuittinen seems to value the level of autonomy that Playstation wants to give them.

“In our discussions, it became clear that Sony wanted to buy us because we are doing something that others are not doing,” he said. “Their starting point has not been that we would start making games according to the formula defined by Sony.”

“This is a really big deal,” said game editor and author Juho Kuorikoski. “Sony now has its own gaming studio in Finland, and although Housemarque has been an important partner for Sony in the past, it is now part of the insider and has been in great company.”

Housemarque has a bright future ahead of them. The jump from 2D arcade games to one of the most unique 3D procedurally-generated titles out there. From what it seems, the studio is trying to outdo themselves in the near future.

Returnal is a must-play for those who want great gameplay with good visuals. Furthermore, knowing Housemarque, they’re a great studio that people need to follow.

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