Returning Pokemon in ‘Isle of Armor’ DLC only evolves using this rare item


Some of the old Pokemon that are coming back to the Isle of Armor DLC need a King’s Rock so that it can evolve.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC, players can explore the breathtaking views in the UK-inspired Galar islands. However, some Pokemon in these areas need specific items such as the King’s Rock to evolve.

Pokemon, like Poliwhirl and Slowpoke, needs the King’s Rock to evolve into their stronger forms. Here are a few methods for players to try to get the rare evolutionary item.

What is a King’s Rock?

The King’s Rock is a rare item introduced in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver in 1999. A Pokemon holding this item can make their opponents flinch when they are using a physical move.

However, the item also serves as a trigger to evolve certain Pokemon when they are traded. For example, Poliwhirl can only evolve into Politoed when it is holding a King’s Rock during a trade.

Where to get a King’s Rock?

Route 8

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s main campaign only provides one King’s Rock. Players who accidentally used it or sold it might not have the chance to get it again.

Fortunately, there is now another way to obtain one. A player who missed this the first time should first go to Route 8 near the quick travel spot.

Upon arriving, use the ladder to go down the tunnel. Go down another set of stairs and take a left turn into a brick wall.

A Pokeball will be laying on the ground, pick it up and it will reveal that it contains a King’s Rock.


Players who already used the item or looking for another one can try this alternate method to secure one. A wild Hawlucha, a Flying/Fighting-type Pokemon, can randomly carry a King’s Rock.

All players need to do is to walk around Hammerlocke Hills and Route 6 then catch this specific Pokemon. Upon catching, look at its details and check if it is holding a Kings Rock.

Sadly, Pokemon only has a 5% chance of carrying an item. It will take some patience and a few tries in order to get one.

One tip to increasing the chance of getting the item is to use the move “Thief.” A Pokemon who uses this move has a chance to steal an item an opponent is holding.

In the Isle of Armor DLC, the move can be purchased inside a Pokecenter in Hammerlocke for 10,000 Pokemon dollars.

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