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‘Re:Verse’ converges various Resident Evil characters in a game of online deathmatch


Capcom had just recently unveiled its livestream for Resident Evil Village, which gives highlight to the developing title’s progress. One of the interesting topics in the demo is the game’s multiplayer component, Re:Verse.

Previously, it was speculated that RE8 would have its own rendition of a multiplayer game. More than just speculation now, the livestream did show that such a feature is indeed a thing. Like Resident Evil 3 Remake, which came bundled with Resident Evil Resistance, RE Village has Re:Verse.

Both multiplayer renditions, however, do come with their own differences. One is the graphics which sees favor in cel shades in Re:Verse, contrasting Resistance’s photorealistic imagery. Another is the structure of gameplay which is a difference between straightforward combat and asymmetrical in Re:Verse and Resistance, respectively. Then, there’s also a very ostensive diversity in the roster seen in both multiplayer titles.

Familiar Characters

Quite ambiguous in its name, Re:Verse features many familiar characters seen throughout the franchise. Series favorites such as Leon, Jill, and Claire being among confirmed to make an appearance as seen in the Resident Evil Showcase. But, as far as hints go, it’s likely that figures like Hunk, Ada Wong, and Jack Baker are also in the game, too.

More than just a game of deathmatch between two opposing teams, Re:Verse offers a familiar game with a twist. That is, with the addition of zombies that come to “life” whenever players die in a match. This means that instead of respawning as their chosen character, each death follows a transformation that introduces a mutant into the battle.

Zombies entering a match, while themselves lethal, are made deadlier with the presence of virus capsules, which can be collected for enhancement. Mutated players can gather as many of such capsules as possible in order to evolve into a stronger variant. Making a tough RE boss, like the bazooka-wielding Nemesis, appear for retribution could, therefore, require some work.

As each match can only last as long as 5 minutes, teams are pressed for time to become the emerging winner in each round.

Beta Testing

Players who are eager to experience the multiplayer game need not have to wait for RE8’s official release. However, it would take the privilege of becoming a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador program. Some lucky REA members, if chosen, could enjoy the game ahead of everyone else via invites. When the beta testing would take place, however, it is still subject to future announcements.

Image used courtesy of Resident Evil/YouTube Screenshot

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