‘Revomon’ is a unique and fun online collectible monster game in VR


If you are an avid gamer and you think you have seen everything that a Role Playing Game or RPG can offer, Revomon will not only surprise you but will definitely prove you wrong.

What is Revomon? You’ll probably ask. It is a new and exciting online RPG that integrates immersive virtual reality experiences with the groundbreaking technology behind non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

With this unique integration, you won’t only have a game that will give you a different level of excitement; you’ll also have the ability to create real value in a virtual world through the use of blockchain technology.

How? If you haven’t noticed yet, NFTs are the next booming digital assets today.

The Revomon tier system

Revomon is not just about pure gaming. It features a tier system for players to get $REVO tokens.

There are six tiers, each one entitled to a certain amount of tokens. The lowest level is Trainee with 1,000 $REVO. Leveling up to Tamer will grant 2,500 $REVO, then to Ranger with 5,000 $REVO. The Veteran level gives 10,000 $REVO while Elite entitles you to 25,000 $REVO. The highest level, Master, comes with 100,000 $REVO.

Tier rewards vary but include DAO voting, Staking/Farming, Early Game Access, and DAO requests.

About Revomon

As an RPG, Revomon is a blend of exciting gameplay and immersive virtual environment while leveraging the technology behind blockchain to create real value through NFTs.

The characters of the game, also called Revomons, are the result of merging Zelda and Pokemon – the two universes that inspired both the game and the characters.

It benefits from a design team that knows game design, animation, and 3D design like no other. It follows a sophisticated design process to produce a Revomon that, when caught by players, can be exchanged into an ERC-721 NFT.

The Revomon Designer Team is composed of Wiliam Cole, Drawer, 2D Designer, and Game Designer; Alberto Luviano. 3D Designer/Animator; and Michael Gatz, 3D Designer.

Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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